Mahire Nagi Qizi (AZERBAİJAN)

Mahire Nagi Qizi (AZERBAİJAN)
Mahira Huseynova was born in 1960 in the village of Sust, Nakhchivan region (now Babek region) of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. The family moved to Khalkhal village due to the situation, and in 1968 she entered the first grade of Khalkhal village eight-year secondary school. In connection with the relocation, in 1978 she graduated from the secondary school No. 1 of Novkhani settlement named after Mehdi Huseynzade of Absheron district. In 1980 she was admitted to the faculty of philology of the Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute named after VI Lenin (now ADPU). During her studies, she was distinguished by her activity, participated in all events held at the faculty, won the deep sympathy of students and teachers. She graduated from the institute in 1984 with honors. In the same year, she was first appointed to secondary school No. 1 in Mehdiabad settlement of Absheron district. then she worked in MLK No. 43 named after G.Asgarova of N.Narimanov district of Baku. During these years, she was awarded the title of “Advanced Education Worker of the Republic” by the Ministry of Education, and was awarded a badge. In 2003, he won the Republican competition “Exemplary Teacher of the Year” and received a diploma of the I degree. Since 2009 she has been a teacher at the Department of Modern Azerbaijani Language of ADPU. She successfully defended his dissertation entitled “Philological issues in the works of Hasan Mirzayev” in January 2012, received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Philology. In May 2015, she was elected associate professor of the Department of Modern Azerbaijani Language. In December 2015, she was elected head of the Department of Modern Azerbaijani Language. Since 2013, she has conducted research on “Language and stylistic features of the work of ashugs and folk poets of Western Azerbaijan in the XIX-XX centuries (in Daralayaz district)” and obtained full results. The dissertation was successfully discussed and submitted for defense. Mahira Naghi gizi Huseynova (Nagiyeva) defended her dissertation at a high level on May 2, 2017 at the Institute of Linguistics named after Nasimi of ANAS and in 2017 she received the degree of Doctor of Philology.
Diplomas and Awards
2003 “The best teacher of the year”
Badge of the Republic of Azerbaijan “Advanced Education Worker”
Winner of the Golden Pen Media Award
“Scientist of the Year” Media Award Laureate 2018
11 selected woks:
26 scientific works
12 literary books
You … would be…
I would be the sultan of love
Beloved , if you would be my decree
If grief would take a soul
You would be my only remedy .
If they would throw me out of the mountain… rock
Or would join me to slaves …
If they would sold me as a slave
You would be my ruler
It wouldn’t be morning without hope,
Fate is merciless… without the hope
If I would be unbelieving and merciless…
You would be my believing and faith.
My mom , daughter of Dereleyez
As star … was born in Khalkhal …
If the regret’s ice … would melt
You … would be my beloved.
It was said… world is mortal …
Feeling got old in me.
My way is … to the heavens,
You … would be my heaven.
World was bigger with its brave,
Brave … is bigger than his grief.
Hopeless fate … is the heavy load
You … would be my last hope.
Nagi qizi …my four brothers,
My son … is my jewel…
Mom … you are my intimate…
You … would be my oath.
Drank water from spring , on my way,
Nazbulaq is slim bride ,Khinalig.
Didn’t say I late for joining,
What is here… is your image , Khinalig
Clouds carring water ,washing grief ,
You are the tale,defeating me.
Almighty keeps you from evil eyes,
Winds are your tinker, Khinalig.
Swan of rivers and valleys,
Swan is your clouds of mountains .
Henna isn’t missing from your rocks ,
Stone and mountain are your trench , Khinalig.
You are unchangable harmony of millennia,
You are color of my past, which never flaccid
You saw lots of fight, you fought,
Caves are your soldiers, Khinalig.
Need ashug, that takes saz and boasts,
For saying something seeing , word is helpless.
You are owner of the Earth … here ,
Sky belongs Almighty , but Earth is yours , Khinalig.
Wealth is alloted , who… devided yours luck,
Fate … who came , when you were writing ?
Oh Mahire , say to that , who feels you,
Your wordless dwelling , is Khinalig.
But you said love is dumb,
Then what is the eye?
Love never has been , love is dream
Then what is the truth?
I warmed up under the snowflake
I froze under the reproach of my beloved
There is no one wisdom ….. like him
Then what is the meaning , the word ?
Beloved lifts the beloved to the crown
Beloved brings beloved luck
If you do not see your fake beloved
Then what’s the meaning , of the face
Those who are struggling with this world
Those , who dig a hole for others
Those , who breaks someone’s heart
Then what is the meaning of the glow?
If Farhad doesn’t break mountains,
İf Karam doesn’t get lost on the road
If Mahira doesn’t burn with love
Then what is the meaning of the endure?
Girl,was you created from caress?
You are divine, Nazli.
You have become a granny as you born.
You’re my mother’s herself, Nazli
Let your fate gets matured as flower
Let your eyelashes burn heart
God bless you from jinx
You are the eye of the girls
Your smell is the smell of a mountain rose
The core of the tongue is honey
Pasha – my brother Ali’s
…. mother, daughter, Nazli?
Nahida will turn like a slave to you
She will not give to bride and son
On the forehead of my child Ilgar,
You are the written like fate,Nazli.
Silver heel, khina on hands
Affectionates can be so
Do not caress, then they will say that
You are satisfied herself, Nazli
Mahira- my mother Nazli
My soul is lake, and the swan is Nazli
What to hide, deny, Nazli?
You are the star of the Earth, Nazli
It does not say that we have
seen these months without him.
Hasan Mirza lives on our face.
It is neighter secret, no wisdom,
That HAsan Mirza lives
hundered for hundreds
His voice is going away,
His land is Azerbaijan-
here and there.
His nest is on the voluems
On the words Hasan Mirza lives.
The book was light – he admired,
He couldn’t oppress –
neighter tired.
Dereleyes – said,
moaned on the grief,
Eleyes – where Hasan Mirza lives.
It was said – handson, native son,
It waa said- never left
alone the man.
It was said – father,brother,
uncle him.
Hasan Mirza lives on flat and
Mam Nazli,lessly burst into flame,
Talk to those who make name.
If you ask from the thousands,
It waa said: Hasan Mirza lives in us.
Everybody who knows him that
he was brave,
He was thrifty, greatful for bread,
He took away drowsiness
with his “Dilqam”
Hasan Mirsa lives
in the string of saz.
How can I leave
I can leave everyone , but
How can I leave you and God.
God held out me his hand , but I didn’t reach it,
How I can leave my offended dream?
Good and evil are step by step , saying,
They are pair, separate them , impossible.
Every person’s life is creation ,
How can I leave my creation ?
You are far from , where am I ?
Near you , with my soul and thought.
Don’t call me , I am here, near you,
How can I leave from my fate and luck ?
But , you knew, grief is my friend,
Grief was my stone , for building the wall .
Let me stay here, talk my grief
How can I leave my grief palace?
Somebody helps me , the highest from everyone ,
Pray to him, to the bitter end .
Mahire is life , life – for ages ,
How can I leave , from the land of love ?
Let me … be honey… in your mouth …
Oh my darling , let me…
To be your slave ,
To be garden in your mornings,
Let me… be flower on yours hands .
Let me … be your nest … like this village,
To the trap … that doesn’t open
To the iron gate… like Derbend,
Let me … turn into a path… in front of you.
Your wisdom is famous …
Your love, solace for me..
My name is highlander … peasant
Let me turn … into solace … for you .
This is life … with winter.. . spring …
Your parties with verses … and saz…
Dad is Nagi, mom is Nazli…
Let me … be honey… in your mouth …
Didn’t see
Who came to this world,
Didn’t know the birth times.
Neglecting on to the fate
He didn’t see the broken fate.
Walked step by step on the land,
For reaching the name of knight
As the Khan … in the sweat,
He didn’t see the floating throne.
Who is on the side of world?
Everybody craves regret.
Was got poor, on the love,
He didn’t see gold and silver.
Don’t rely on his support,
Went out, for finding support.
Looking up on the sky, for step
Looked … but didn’t see down.
World , is visiting place,
Mahira, is one who exists.
Almighty gave, who wanted the fate,
But, she didn’t see her unfortunate fate.
Brilliance of Soul
Temple is the world of everyone’s love,
Dream house has its some happening…
Love is the ignite of the heart,
There is flame and fire of soul.
Fate hid behind the path ,
Flames looking out behind the coal,
Behavior would be behind the word ,
You would get yield , wealth enough…
Every has hope, in his heart,
Who comes out early in the morning,
to relax, to smell the earth,
the smell of the wind, the smell grew.
If your breathing was with me,
Destroying frost and melting snow.
How longer the way of life,
here is warm breath in hope.
Having the road of life as old weapon ,
It is not known, what’s what…
Every moment, every promise … are mysterious
On every step there is a point stop .
Every field plant is not a flower,
You will find, will not lose the patience …
Mahira was used to offended,
Knowing ,that she has the healer
Forgetting grief and sorrow, this night
I come to visit you on picture .
Looking at me, as though
I avoided you from the visiting
As if I passed by,
A little arrogant, a little irony
Why didn’t you know, that I stopped,
Willing for the word, needing glance .
How would you know, God servant ,
Somebody prays for you
Stood as slave , handcuff on hand
Wishing you happiness the thousand times …
I couldn’t say ,couldn’t tell him ,
Couldn’t bring my hearty word,
Couldn’t wearing the clothes of love
Even , shivering from the cold.
You don’t know my fear ,
I have the fear of loss …
Understanding my thoughts,
Say something once from your pictures.
Forgetting grief and sorrow, this night
I come to visit you on picture .
Looking at me, as though ,
I avoided you from the visiting …
My flag
Way of my people, is your manuscript
Growing wishes, my scarlet flag , rise
Your rise , is healed of incurable sorrow
Remember those grief , my flag , rise …
For thousands of years, our inner , are growing your colors ,
One of the eternal symbols of our living
Our soul is a pillar hanging in our hearts
Stand up on this pillar, stand , my flag, rise…
Arose with song , from our heart ,
Arose with the bridge from Altai …
Arose from the hope taking to future
Hug us , hug , my flag , rise…
Poems of Babek , Nizami are on your sword ,
You live with eternal songs of motherland .
Bending with head, on every corner of the world , to you
You have son , have daughter , have , my flag , rise….
Drowned , drowned with blood of martyr
Covering yourself , with you, thousands of martyrs would come
You are the father’s legacy , daughters , sons,
For the homeland, for you, my flag, rise…
Blood deserves to you – said Azerbaijani soldier
Being at the height , is wealth for you – said Azerbaijani soldier
Even enemy , in front of your force , bended down ,
He knows that, he will be disgrace , my flag , rise …
Will Come
Don’t stand so sad
That moment will come, will come.
To bare mountains , which you see
Clouds will come, will come.
World is trade itself ,
Shops are opposed .
She knows , what she says , is good at
Buyer will come, will come.
If God didn’t hit and didn’t break ,
didn’t squeezed by hand ,
Soul didn’t out of body ,
Hope will come , will come .
Don’t weep , land would break down
Would break with your support.
Araz would stop , Kur become broken
Supporter will come, will come .
I didn’t ask , why ?
It isn’t difficult, to know your grief ,
For wiping your tears …
Time will come , will come .
Nagiqizi … blesses you
Don’t let , her hope breaking down …
I know , for beloved
Faith will come, will come .
Let’s go far away…
Let’s go far away…
Far…far away …
Those places that …
Traces were not there.
Let’s live alone ,
Let’s build our world …
Let’s revenge on …
of lost days
Let’s keep silent ,
Let’s a little think …
Let him to take us ,
to the tomorrow .
Dream without voice ,
Soul without voice ,
I don’t want return …
to the back past .
What’s left there
what I have there …
Those that remained …
Only sorrow and grief.
Sadness of my heart ,
Grief and sorrow .
Let’s go far away…
Far…far away …
Love will be there ,
Tent for us …
Our love will turn
to a cozy mattress .
In the coldest weather
My heart gets warm .
Didn’t let the body
Feel shiver and cold .
Let’s start the life
From the beginning,
For writing again .
Life on a paper
Let me again ,
To be holy ….
Feeling again ,
Being a woman …
I can leave everybody, but
But how can I leave you and my God?
God gave a gift, but I did not reach
How can I leave from my offended dream ?
They say , joy and grief … couples , are the same
Unable to split, they are couple
Every person’s life is a show,
How can I leave this ….my show?
You are on the peak , but where I am ?
I am with you …. with soul and thought.
My legs don’t go that I came to you
How can I leave from my fate?
But you knew grief, my friend
The grief was my stone for building the wall
Let me stay here and petrify with grief
How can I leave from the grief palace?
There is somebody who helps me , which is on the peak
And I pray him plenty
Mahire is life , throughout the life
How can I leave from the land, which I am in love ?

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