Susana Roberts (Argentina)

Susana Roberts- Argentinian poet-writer-translator-peacemaker
Resides in Trelew- Chubut-Patagonian, Argentina, dedicated to the Culture of Peace
Dr. Litt Honoris Causa-WAAC-2009. Member of Life of WAAC.Ca.EEUU.
Ambassador of Peace by Mil of Argentine Nation (Unesco-Unicef).
Vice. Dir. IFLAC- Argentina and Latin America/ Honorary Member Global Harmony Association-Russia/ Member SELAE: European Society of Writers and Artists/
Honorary Member of Global Harmony Association (G.H.A).-Russia.
Universal Ambassador of Peace n 537 -Circle of Ambassadors-Geneva-Switzerland.
Member of Noosphera Ethical Ecological World Assembly-Russia.(NEEWA)
Member Presidium WFSC (World Forum of Spiritual Culture) -Kazakhstan.
Member SELAE. Society of Latin American and European Writers-Italy.
International Cultural Ambassador – SIPEA.
Ambassador “The Love Foundation” -Tampa-Florida-USA.
Bilingual publications in many countries. Participation in many World, National and International Congresses. Honored award with the 1st prize to the translation by IPCRT -China. Winner of national, international Prizes, S.A.D.E(Argentinian Society of Writers) awards including 1st Prize in English- WAAC, WCP in Trujillo-Peru 2014. Activity and trajectory awarded by the Government of the Prov. Del Chubut-Argentina during 2013-2016. Prize Grand Master Award for World Ladies Grand Masters in the Senate of Argentina Nation- CABA. 2018. Honored by India Intercultural Association of Writers and Kafla Editorial with the International “Sahitya Shree Award”. International Honor Lady of Roses Award-Buenos Aires-Argentina MS Production. “Heroe of Peace” by Global Harmony Association. Visitor of Honor of many countries, Mexico, Perú, Spain, Kazahastán. Staff Member of Atunis Galktika Poetry-Belgium-Albany founded By Agron Shele. International Prize Honor Atjon Zhiti by Pjeter
Participation in Spanish and English world Anthologies. Finalist of the Medal of Peace Award by Foundation Salvador Chile 2010-. Trajectory Award by Asolapo Arg. and International. International Newspapers and Magazines: In Spain-Greece, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belgium, Albany, India…Etc. Co-author of many books and anthologies. Book prologue’s writer.
Bilingual Books: Rostros / Faces. El vuelo del Ave / the flight’s bird. Arte y virtud en la evolución humana/Art and Virtue in human evolution – in French. Epub-France-Alter Editions).
To whom does mind?
My lonely bones
spun in the naked segment of the cotton
To whom does mind?
My flesh and pupils of my eyes
the golden wanderer’s song
in the streets of my dreams
To whom does mind?
If tomorrow I die, my son
today is Sunday
your call blinks in the shadows
If never mind
I will go to the park
where my age
is waiting for more readings
I will go
to feel myself embraced
by the river in its joy
while the sunset prepares the waters
entangling some tales in the afternoon
between junipers
Then maybe
I get drunk
with the lights that fade in the banks
the lonely balanced and dry picture
in the contour of the figures of the autumn.
Looking for you
Oh!, Life of my body , my strength , all of you, soul and heart, oh! You are my heart and soul! all of you have become my being, that’s why you are in me. I’ve become nothing in you, why I’m all you.
I crossed many centuries
in humid eyes
child’s tears
sand and wind
from a divine memory
I got drunk
of your pious love
printed in me
your name
you know all this
the unlimited time
inside impossible shapes
you know who you are
and you don’t recognize me
what is the name I should invoke you
in this land of signals
when I kiss the distance
that rest in the long race
of my tears to your house?
I got lost
Behind long curtains
in the call of wind
where blood trembles
and we are
the part of a puzzle
anointed in untamed tenderness
the same flame of the fire
when I name you and you name me
from the Universal spiritual axis .
Signatures on the flowers
I want to know ¿ who writes your name?
Is it burning deep inside the flame
of your teardrops?
Is it in your morning news?
Is it in the internal movement of the
smallest cog of your timepiece?
Or it is lying on the dry fruits paint
of a wooden picture on the wall?
Or perhaps ,is it in the eyes of a child that dreams?
Who writes your name today?
Is it in the many rippling shades of a fast flowing river?
or in the smell of some freshly toasted bread in the morning?
Is it in the field of brilliant rosemary?
growing around the house?
Amidst the blooming azaleas
Near broken chains of suicidal oranges
I need to know ¿who writes your name?
Is it disguised inside an illusion of the ink
Encrypted on a computer?
Tell me, who writes your name?
I guess the who that write comes from the universal honey
left by bees when they are gathered under the brighter shade of small bells
going on through southern traces.
like old shadows of lived experiences.
Copyright-Susana Roberts

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