ANCIENT ROAD / Poem by Jagdish Prakash

Poem by Jagdish Prakash



Counting my wobbly footsteps
I tread on a nameless road
Where does this road lead to?
I don’t know
But the road exists
From ancient times perhaps
Witness to thousands of footsteps
Of kings and their armies
And ordinary people like me
Reincarnated in present times
With a burden of history
Which is not mine nor of those
Who crossed this road
Once upon a time.

Far into horizon
I see the dust rise
Over the distant ruins
Of a town to which this road led to
Why I’m walking on this road?
Is it to retrace my ancient roots
Into the time lost in the dust of history?
I don’t have an answer.
Confused, tired
I don’t go further and retreat
To my home
Dusting my shoes of dirt
Of this ancient road
I sit to search contours of this village
On Google map sipping gin and lime.


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