Tyranny / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
Oppressed, shackled , tyrranised
Bondages of lifetimes
Lives balanced on razor edges
Tethered with tyrannical mindsets
Enough said
Enough done
Let us live with equal dignity
Humanity demands it
Don’t let the dogs of war bark
Don’t let snowy heights be splattered with crimson
Allow young soldiers their right to stay alive
Let their families be proud of their lives not deaths
Tender aged warriors laid into graves
While discussions and debates crackle on television
Megalomania may be in fashion this season
But spoilers need lessons in humane interactions
O Universe , come to our aid
Forgive us our trespasses for we could never forgive those that trespassed against us
Copyright Lily Swarn 23.6.2020

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