Poems by Hasmukh Mehta

Poems by Hasmukh Mehta
Lifelike bubble and
life is like bubble
for all the people
who always struggle
and come out victorious as successful individuals
life is not only temporary
but instant and illusory
where you find the object
without any relevance of the fact
life seems enterprising
but comprising
the pain and anguish
with tragic finish
death ism reality
and bestowed upon by an almighty
so it has a very clear angle
for all the people
so find it alright
when finding comfortable without a fight
find it difficult
when refused by conscience inbuilt
life is not only beautiful
but purposeful too
even with a limited span
you can perform miracles as you want.
Show the growth
There is no place for stagnation
even for the journey or relation
it has to improve day by day
and pay the way for an improvement
you find the joy
and enjoyment
when growing with others
and finding good bearth here
even flowers show their presence
with love’s essence
they grow fast
and fade away at the last
life is meant to show the growth
till stopped by the death
why should it be feared?
when the concept is very clear!
one must find life as enterprising
and comprising of new promises
love it and go along
without fearing that you may commit wrong.

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