Poems by Hasmukh Amathalal

Poems by Hasmukh Amathalal
Beautiful reminder
Death is a beautiful reminder
to all human beings here
and that deters them from committing the sin
death menace has some fine scenes to observe
death is a full stop
even if life is at the top
you are a heavenly abode
even if you feel at odd
Nice people are remembered
criminals are not offered even condolences
no one takes not of their departure
good people have always future
one has to steer off the course
and come out with success
life provides you good access
with all the satisfactory smile on the face
if your conscience is pure
and the soul is also very much clear
think not about anything with the fear
you were liked by all and addressed also as dear
Gloomy picture-War
An innocent and hungry people look at the sky
and ask why?
the third world war is not inevitable?
Corna has done enough damage to the people!
who shall benefit from the war?
will it be witnessed by the stars?
it shall only add the woes and hunger
poor people have already suffered
the economy is in shamble
it has sounded about the future trouble
people shall be forced to eat grass
there shall be a clash between haves and have-nots
it is really gloomy picture for projection
and shall engulf each nation
poverty shall take a heavy toll
and create a hatred wall
what war has to deliver?
except make people suffer!
go into anguish and pain
and remain forever starved and poor
we don’ think about nuclear use
and refuse to believe
about the holocaust or fall out
it is dreaded and talked about
No meeting- An eye to eye
My heart has turned barren
and witnesses no heaven
it is desperately driven
as love is forbidden
why did she turn hostile?
when she had resigned in favor
and promised to stand by
despite my earnest try
might be she had developed a soft corner!
and promised someone else to stay near
I hoped it not but had an apprehension
for the deterioration in relation
she will not meet an eye to eye
or try to speak
this was making me very weak
and it seemed the future was bleak
love doesn’t give pain
and remains a holy bond
I imagined some change in her approach
but there was no visible move as such
Like scent-Perfume
It is a white paper
with no intention to put ink over
if it is inscribed
it shall be fully described
what you do is your business!
how best you try to find access!
how desperately you tried to chase!
and finally got the success
such things are applauded
your achievement is louded with words
your name is written with golden words
other people take your name with pride and look onward
right people find the mention and name
they have a lot more to claim
and add the fame
wrong people find only shame
some people are borne to achieve greatness
and always bear satisfactory smile on the face
the work done speaks in volume
and spreads like perfume
In the true context
it always bothered
my mind with new offers
concepts, ideas, and thoughts
but I was never caught
thoughts as usual
it seemed me very casual
poets are good individuals too
but they are special people
what can influence the mind?
poets care little to find
as thoughts invade regularly
and form the part daily
poem or no poem
he tackles them
and puts it in a human way
so stays in the mind of readers
what is so special in the poet?
his role is quiet
with a lot more to present
in the true context.

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