Bilall M. Maliqi (Presheva)

Bilall M. Maliqi (Presheva)


Bilall Maliqi is a writer, poet and publicist, was born in on 08.04.1969 in a village Elez BAli, municipality of Presheva. He writes poetry and prose for children and adults, h e deals also with literature critics. He is the author of 32 works: poetry for children, for adults, prose for children and adults, journalism and literary critics.


The magazine Panorama by the authors of South East Kosova “ Sigh for Earth “ by the author Hysen Keqiku (2004) ;

In lexicon “ authors of Albanian Literature for children and adults 1886- 2009” by prof. as.dr. Astrit Bishqemi; in poetical antology Albanian- Swedish “Fllamande Ballad” by Sokol Demaku (2009);

In poetical anthology “The Echo of Centuries”by Sokol Demaku, (2010). In poetical anthology by dr. Fatmir Terziu “ Virgin Tears, (2012);

In Belgium Poetical Anthology French-Albanian“ Anthologie de poetes Albanophones (2012).

Maliqi is a founder and editor in chief of the magazine “Qendresa” which is published in Presheva Valley;
President of association of Presheva writers;

Member of League of Writers of Kosova;

Member of Ars Club “ Beqir Musliu” Gjilan;
Member of the board “ Atunis”
President of “Atunis Lugina” in Presheva.



In my memory
exhausted curiosity
passed energetically
over the ridges of motherland
Longing was unexperienced
is gifting me tears
Feelings were wetted
with absence and gathering
And speaks in Albanian
Or talks Albanian
Even the rock
Even a tear
For the pillow
of Çajup

And I am entering
Cannot exit
From Tirana’s
Energetic happiness
O people
I have all of you
In my chest…



I feel an inextinguishable longing
That is embodied
On the waves of sea

I feel a scream in depth
Of soul
This explodes my inner self
In this season of breezes

In the a creek of soul the sweating
Was adopted
It erupted and ate the fiery
Just like a chilling wind of evenings


In solitude

I would place this in my heart
next season
An idyllic scene with flowers in front
of me
Dream of love in a stage

For you Durres I have mountains
Of memories
Longing for ruining my
With borders of souls in your port.



Mountain is sweating
Steam runs through
A silent city

The Street runs through
Enters deep in the tunnel
And ascends a vein

Feelings are one after another
In the shelf of memory
Together are ruined in poverty

Below a unification bridge
Water waves white stones
Pours in the mother’s belly.


Translated by Peter Tase

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