Poems by Bam Dev Sharma


Poems by Bam Dev Sharma





Looking at the
galvanizing moon
flowers weave dreams
to share with the sky
waiting desperately .

When dew drops dry
insects fly
but petals and sepals
are mesmerized
with poised moon
on wait
till the besmirched clouds
simmer away!

Westerly wind
and horizon far away
but flowers remain transfixed
as if they were
shy and modest bride
in resolve
and don’t worry
to be emaciated
at the end of the day!


Copyright by
Bam Dev Sharma
25 August , 2016





Life ……
A puzzle
A frivolous dream
A ruffling wind
A blazing day light …
Or fiddling appearance
And disappearance
Like an oasis in the desert.

A search of jocund hopes
And confounding chores
Like silhouettes
Across the woods.
And unrequited hollowing quests
In borrowed hours of time.

An elusive chapter
To be opened by oneself
With the alphabets of destiny
Percolated on mercurial pages !


Copyright by
Bam Dev Sharma
22 August, 2016


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