A holi reverie / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
A holi reverie
Those old ‘pichkaaris
of brass and copper
That lay on the top most shelf
of the heirloom cupboard
In her grandma’s sprawling home
Had a few specks of honest rust
A lifetime away was that spring morning
That came flooding back into her heaving bosom
It was the romance soaked festival of holi
The men all agog with bhang and
A touch of poppy seeds in their dhandaai
The chirping twittering girls
holding up their dupattas over their heads
with magenta hued hands
Their pure white shalwar kameezes
stained and sprayed with
A colourful splatter of vivid orange
Sour green and sunshine yellow
She vividly remembered turning around
As the mellifluous sounds of a ghazal
Suddenly flowed over the songs of ‘ hori and kajri
It was that boy with the brown mustache
Gazing deep into her brandy colored almond eyes
And crooning soulfully only for her ears
The dulcet melody wafted through streams of nostalgia
Awakening her ancient cholesterol doused heart
Her hypertensive blood stream did a jerky kickstart
And her tears flowed with the bucketfuls of abeer and gulaal
She adjusted her spectacles on her nose
And hastily pulled up her half a century old legs
To offer gujiyas to her children’s friends
And to distribute her maternal heart amongst
The jabbering jostling rowdy crowd of teenagers
Singing raucous film songs about holi ,
Copyright Lily Swarn 12.3.2017
Lily Swarn

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