Poems by Sathian KS

Poems by Sathian KS



A woman’s love has smell of flowers
She has manifold beauty of colours
Being a mother she is a paragon of love
She is an embodiment of motherly affection
She is a Goddess to her dear partner
She is a fragrance to her elite dreamers
She runs the household like a princess
She is the queen of her sweet palace
Her absence is a painful feel to members
Her presence is a blessing to all her dear ones.
A home without a woman is a devil’s house
A world without them is a real ghostly hell.
In a woman I see a dear mother of affection
In her I see precious beauty of a daughter
In her I see the loving face of a dear wife
In her I see the blessings of a loving goddess.
The world needs the presence of women
Mother earth is a woman of paragon beauty.
A womb of a woman is a treasure house
It’s a place human race needed to breed !

[C] SATHIAN KS : 13 – 03 – 2017.
All rights reserved.



Lips and lips sing a song
Let it be a kiss of a song

The only song we can hear
The only song we can share

Let our breasts sing a song
Let it be a song lasting long

Let our body move in rhythm
Let our body sing the rhyme

Let it be a song of romance
Let it be a dance in alliance

The song I hear in your heart
The song in me pulse a start

Hear a song hear it in my pulse
Sing the song sing it in silence.

{C} SATHIAN KS: 12/03/207
All rights reserved.



I see my heart in the flowers
In their alluring holy colours
The nectar in them is honey
Butterfly has without money.

I’m a shore in the hands of waves
Being kissed and loved like wives
The love of the sea is without end
My pulsating heart knows its sound.

The earth has deep love for the sky
She longs to reach and touch the sky
The sky comes down like drops of rain
The earth rejoices in rain with no pain.

The sun and the sea meets in the west
My heart in the horizon west finds rest
The sun sinks in the sea with love zest
The moon dreams the sun slept in east.

{C} SATHIAN KS : 11/03/2017
All rights reserved.



A bird dreams the blue sky
Flaps its wings to soar high
Shot down dead with bullet
It makes me sad the fullest.

A pretty girl looks like flower
Travelling like rainbow colour
Plucks out from bus by beasts
Raped and killed near roadside
Like a flower trampled on road
It makes me sad beyond bound.

An old woman with dear children
All of them in high topmost posts
Abandoned her in old age homes
The sight wounds me like a sword.

A little girl with a starving laugher
Stands inside her little hut alone
Her old and tattered dress reveal
The poor and poverty stricken life.
The innocent look of the poor girl
Makes me sad bleeds bloody tears.

All rights reserved.
All rights reserved.

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