Poems by Pranju Gogoi

Poems by Pranju Gogoi
Wandering and wandering solemnly always I,
Like clouds in the sky,
Amidst hurry and hue and cry,
In search of peace and harmony,
The ultimate reality of humanity.
Heart to heart journey,
Soul to soul journey,
Always adventurous so genuinely,
At every moment so holy,
Touching the milestone of life dearly,
Feeling much enrich in love heavenly.
Life is in grandeur look,
Pain in melting pot,
Very wonderful life becomes,
Idealism of life blooms in human garden,
Evils of past fade moment by moment,
Violence is in the ironic oblivion.
In hearts and souls global peace and harmony rests,
Forever and ever glorification.
Copyright@ Pranju Gogoi
All rights reserved
Somewhere a place is there,
Holy and heavenly for us,
To mingle the air in us,
Breaking all near and dear bonds.
Floating and wandering like clouds
A heaven in pure look is ringing in hearts,
So consciously or unconsciously,
The ultimate place of peace forever.
Bound we all are to somewhere,
Mortality carries all there,
Naturally natural flow ends up there,
The cruelty of time forgets never.
Copyright@ Pranju Gogoi
All rights reserved

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