Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
Purple Grandeur
A royal repast is your love
With purple grandeur
And holy incense
A green house tomato
A squashed strawberry
A field of poppies is your love
A solemn vow in papal vestments
A maple swaying on breezy hilltops
A rippling river gurgling and cooing
An eagle in flight is your love
A coat of arms in bloody battlefields
A blood spewing lancer is your love
A sanctum sanctorum in ancient temples
A church bell tolling in jungle churches
The morning Azaan is your love
Lambs and kids on verdant hills
Innocent babies with toothless grins
The call of the chakor in moonlit nights
The waiting river for mountain streams
A frothing ocean is your love
Copyright Lily Swarn 3.5.2017
Truth trembles and shivers in the scorching desert sun
No man is man enough to hold its
Devastating daggers
In the palm of his fragile human hands
Truth shows you the face that you deplore
Bringing into sharp focus the deeply etched
wrinkles of lies
Streaks of deceit marring your alabaster
Scabs of rashes long since soothed
Flaring up afresh in torturous flashes
Truth wriggles and slithers out from
beneath the chiffon veil of lies
It stands erect and arrogant in its
splendid nudity
It gropes in dank odorous corners of fetid
offal spouting cellars
Emerging like a mermaid from slushy swamps
Glimmering and flashing like a lighthouse
in the tempests
That tosses mighty liners and cruise ships on
gigantic breakers
Truth loves its shameless face
Uncovered and devoid of any adolescent
Truth preens on cat walks of
Unbelievable lengths
Sans make up sans hairstyling
Audacious and abominable!
Truth is non political
It takes no sides it has no teams
Truth stands up in pulpits and speaks only
about itself
It doesn’t gossip it doesn’t judge
It only gives the verdict
Truth is not a racist or a rapist
Truth is a gilded mirror
Whom Snow white’s mother questions
Truth is the strict teacher who raps your
knuckles with wooden foot rulers
Truth is the homeless gypsy that knows all
your secrets
Truth is loud and clear with immaculate
© 2017. Lily Swarn. All rights reserved.
Lily Swarn

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