Poems by Bam Dev Sharma

Poems by Bam Dev Sharma



Slowly in the dawn
Some feathers fly away
To an alien land
Or In whirlpool of space
From the numb land
Around the masquerading sky.

Hovering up and down
They look as bright as a little bird
Turning white or yellow
Waltzing over grassy clearing
Rebuffing with the wind.

Perhaps in the next dawn
Trifling sparrows would nibble
Or briskly robins would peck
Nobody knows for sure
What would be meted fate to them!

Perchance foxhounds or cats
Would abound there
Would tear them to pieces
Like splashing winds
To the ruffling leaves.

But I see them next dawn
In carefree glide in the sky
As libertine dreams
Hovering around and soaring
Beyond sight and mind!

Bam Dev Sharma
April 9, 2017
Kathmandu, Nepal



The swirling wind
ruffles leaves
in the bush
as a stubborn child
who breaks the doll
in fitful wish.

And morning vigils
over the coy grass
with marks
of relishing hum.

As a poet
I see
cloudy masses
making contours
of wishes
and begin to carve
a piece of heart
to enliven moments
filled with
rabid images
drizzling rain drops
in the bluish pond.

I sense
sparkling life
in hue
colored in songs
as buffeting shadow
across the meadow
cloyed in artful canvas
of the heart!

Bam Dev Sharma
May 4,2017
Kathmandu, Nepal



Dim traces
Of memories
Like cold breezes
Are treasured
In the cupborad
Of hopes.

And germinating
Duties of manhood are
On the race
Like a horse
Across the hills
With resounding hoofs.

Citadels of hurdles
And clasp patience
But seeping life heads
To the bright sun
Waiting in resolve
Like a bountiful bliss.

Seeds of joy
Begin to sprout
In glowing rays
For a sagacious dawn.

Bam Dev Sharma
May 3,2017


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