COMPLEMENT / Poem by Sandra Ssarmiento

Poem by Sandra Ssarmiento
Fusing the color of my skin to yours,
Smooth the friction of coldness.
From dreams in high places,
Between caresses or verses of evil.
Whoever was the indiscreet moon,
Pasting its brightness everywhere,
Presumed, radiant and without pride,
Its radiance does not judge the dawn.
There is the sun so opposed to the moon,
Complements the beginning and the end,
Of the blond day and the dark night
Entangled in time and wind.
The bow of daisies among rose bushes.
Struggling to change celestial beings.
The aurora boreal full of spirits,
Falling at dusk, transforming your new being.
It’s the green nature, gentle princess
Perfect between seasons, with no lessons or expectations.
And so within the Earth its colors will defend,
Because the arrow of fate, walks on the edge.
So the skins and the different faces,
Multiply the goods of yesterday.
Of today and forever, beautiful life, beautiful penitent.
Accept the days, their colors and different shine.
I am human, lover of life.
Goodness will be reborn in hearts of darkness.
Without stopping the arrow that divides love.
Infinite melody, sweet at night, honeys by day.

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