Different ways of dying / Poem by Yuleisy Cruz Lezcano

Poem by Yuleisy Cruz Lezcano
Different ways of dying
I do not apologize for what I live
For what I feel,
For what I cry and for what I long for,
True tiredness is born in the soul.
The man does not die suddenly,
It dies when it becomes a trunk
Unable to take off his boots
To divide them with whom doesn’t have shoes,
Dies when the indifference,
Without making noises, kills him,
He dies when he loses that reason
That doesn’t allow waits
Because listening is the best way
To feeling alive,
Dies when the scar of the soul is more brutal
Of what it seems and puts in the memory
The desires of revenge and sadness,
He dies in the lowest places
Where the failures like stones
Stop the blood and produce a heart attack,
He dies expose it by his nakedness.
When he gorgets that it was born naked
The body is a member that the scalpel tears to pieces,
Is a member that throbs in pain alone
When coming to be touched in his flesh;
The body is the proof that the vacuum also hurts,
Because empty men are the ones who complain the most.
Man dies when he ceases to create,
When he stops loving and grief does not touch him,
Because he has little soul
So that the image that suffers lift metaphors;
The man almost dead
Becomes of life an expert without understanding
As the body returns its secret consciousness to the earth,
Without knowing that there are many tiny hidden deaths,
Which resemble life,
Made of ankylosed conformism
And mistreated feelings
Which replace the joy of discovery
With a tedious routine
That leads the future to a fugacious present
Which seeks in the aridity of false human relations
Claws to hold the member
Of his paralysis.
Man has his soul nailed to his own disability
When the war’s cry sing
And exhausts the subject of life.

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