A Broken Reed / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
A Broken Reed
Like a broken reed on the embankments of a silent lake
I lie in reckless stupor waiting for the flight of a Rosy pelican
She might lift me up and use me to build her nest
Perchance it might be near the marshes that gave me sustenance
For many an arid summer
I swayed and swirled with infectious pride
Hearing the calls of the distant curlew
In the magical moonlit nights
O make me a tall blade of grass again
So that I am free and wild in the wondrous wilderness
O let me hear the partridge walk amidst the undergrowth
O come and sing me songs of Sassi and Punnu
O let me see the hunter sit under the acacia tree
tired and thirsty with all his violent flourishes
O make me a cane for a blind man
Or a chair for his devoted wife
O let me be a humble reed again!
Copyright Lily Swarn 19.5.2017
Lily Swarn


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