REINVIGORATE / Poem by Soumitra Talukder

Poem by Soumitra Talukder



Nothing changed except the sentient of my heart,
The longings for the wishes of the distant,
Yet another lore of the kingdom in galore..
I still dream of the angels in my delusion of content,

The stifled consonance of the coterie,
And the chorus of echo in the clique,
It was tiring to search the benevolence of the society,
Yet just to nurture the cherub of my heart!

Was it a illusion that I had wanted to laugh more,
In a quest to bare my emotions in flowing grace,
Deep in the essence of meaningless talks, the spirits of joy,
All I wanted is to smile at the zilch..!

Hold my hand when I wake up to mettle of reality,
For I may sway in my stupor of impulses,
Betwixt the realm of veracity and conceive of passion,
Will you be my seraph of ecstasy…!!

©Soumitra Talukder
May 19, 2017 All Rights Reserved


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