Poems by Dr. Lsr Prasad

Poems by Dr. Lsr Prasad


(War should have died hereafter)

Like an old wheelbarrow, borrowed from the good old time keeper it struts and frets,
See! How the centuries stretched out- none the same as the one before to the last threats!
And they would continue to do so, very rapidly, until the end of the bloody history,
Stones bones spears arrows swords slings maces guns missiles a death story!

And every century we have dozed, has been the last century on the fear gripped benches,
Blood and tears flesh and bones floating in the putrid streams and stench trenches,
Fools blaming it on some other fool’s mistake, each year month on day and night wenches
Dribbling dots of life candle-light showing him the way to his death bed in entrail wrenches,

Blow! Blow the short candle out! Blow them in their cradles, life is a waking shadow!
It is a poor actor! No facial glow in the smog in rat races, no dreams in the call centre ado!
Flow! Flow into the polluted five elements and recall the sulfur fumes and burns in tow!
Who cares if someone dies on road or war abroad, all emotions are zombie’s red toe!

A century abridged to an hour on this surreal stage everyone bows out in e-motion!
It is a story retold by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying everything in commotion!

(Macbeth, 5. 5. 17 -28) William Shakespeare.

Copyright@DrLsr Prasad 25.5.2017



He or she is eating my head, seems to have its origins in the praying mantises!
After the nuptial dance and vigorous courtship the male mantis does his job,
But now the femme fatale is hungry, so don’t dismount her in a hurry, mister Bob!
In her trance she will eat your head first and later all of you in nice cut pieces!

He and she does the most exotic and intricate dance in the style of ballet perfect!
Here they don’t eat other’s head but live in life-long harmony, logevity and fidelity,
The word pedigree is the French ‘pied de grue’ the foot of the crane and its stability!
It is the bird that can soar to the heavens carrying the souls of the people in respect!

The stick sticky praying mantises bluff mimic wrath and death against predators,
They direct the souls of the dead to the under world as bird-fly necromancers!
O Grus grus! O sacred bird of Hephaestus! You fly over lands and cross the mountain walls!
O Great dancer! Your bobs, bows, pirouettes and stops are legendary as well as your calls!

O Part stick insect with a touch of monk! O Soothsayer! You taught us violence and death!
O sage like crane! Your grief gave us the epic Ramayana and taught us love and life on earth!

Copyright@DrLsr Prasad 25. 5. 2017



More than twenty two thousand feet, if i am five and half feet in height,
four thousand and four hundred of mine size if stand upon one another,
May peep on to see the Lord Shiva in his deep meditation on the summit,
Of Mount Kailasa with his spouse Parvati, the union of matter and power

So when Lord Shiva was running with the speed of light multiplied by the speed of light,
Carrying the world mass on him then here at the Manasa Sarovar lake fell her hand right!
Her dismembered body parts wherever they fell became the Sakti peeth- the vortices of Energy!
In her rebirth, as the daughter of the snow mountain she married Shiva to live in synergy !

From Hilsa to Purang then to lake Manas Sarovar a hundred kilometer circle trip,
And the early morning dip in the cold clear water with teeth in Shattering sound grip,
Then to Darchen next to enter Yama dwar- the gateway to death, then trek to Diraphuk,
Now the steep climb to Dolma la pass to ascent5550 meters then descent to Zuthulphuk


It is the way of life to the Tibetans, fifty two kilo meters they go around in oneday!
Thirteen times circumambulation to cleanse sins, 108 times to get nirvana liberation!
Bonpo goes anticlockwise while others go clockwise around the mount Kailasa – kora.
Parikrama or chakrasamvara to the Hindu and Tantric Buddhists around a sacred abode!

From Darchen to Deraphuk, there the devotee passes through the gateway of death,
Yamadwar the two legged stupa and rejoices for his new lease of life and new breath!
Now in the La chu valley of gods the uphill climb to reach the Dolma la pass,
Protected by the goddess Dolma and lo! Here is Shiva sthal, where death come to pause!

In the descent there the Gauri kund the bathing place of Parvati, then to Darchen in strife!
Why ascent, kora- circumambulation and descent? Can’t we experience it at home?
But it is near total experience of going shoulder to shoulder with death and life and roam!
Where Lord Shiva restrains Yama the lord of Death and gives humans the fresh lease of life!

Copyright@DrLsr Prasad 25. 5. 2017


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