Poems by Khushwant Daksh

Poems by Khushwant Daksh
Cliff of way
When in the cliff of my lighthouse
The cluster of sober yellow-red,
I dial verses festively
On life, deciduous and beautiful.
Return. I see at the palm
The animals with more tenderness,
And a fire roars through resplendent
On the turret of the sawmill lacustrine.
Only rarely rips the silence
The cry of love and agility
And if you waited at my door,
It seems to me that we are on the way.
Illuminated Love
If your heart isn’t yet illumined
Be awake always, be a seeker of the heart
you can use me or ditch me till i die
But the sense of love cannot be erased from your heart
I lost myself in order to win you
Hoping that you will come for me.
The two worlds are joyous because of you
Don’t stay in this world without me
Don’t go to the next world without me.
I know that everything I give
Comes back to me. So, I give you my life.
In the core of my Heart
my love for you has no limits.
If no one recognizes you, I do
because you are my life and soul.
Swan sighs
White swans that sing
Melancholy and misery, without any sigh.
Now they flutters in your eyes
that even when caress in my life
or they fly in dark standing on a legs
Passioned hearts breathing silence
roaming around the deck of ship
watching creatures full of jibes
but they sing, till end of life
Breathing thoughts
Every day I breathe your thoughts
Remembering the resolution chart
your limpid eyes hide the treasure of innocence
I know your jibes
but still I offer my heart
Mesmerized by divinity
I long for presence
More real than any art
A beauty or a loyalty –
You are hard to describe
On the burning soil of love,
Twitches and sulks
In the rustle of memories,
I fantasize to be in dreams
Holding hands, moon smiles
In the garden of dark and night.

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