Shanti (Peace) / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
Shanti (Peace)
Gashes on the body of Shanti
The beauteous lady in white
Dripping blood in spouts of red
Ruining the satin sheen
of her pristine white sari
Wrap her up in sheets of love
She struggles hard to breathe
Lift her up from this morass
Give her amputated feet to her
Her sobs are choking the universe
She writhes in her own life blood
Do not blemish her radiant aura
Pray besmirch not her honour
Shanti is the saviour today
Of a world gone scarily awry
She is the only Messiah today
Of hate spewing biased minds
Give back her tattered raiments
Cover her in her patchwork quilt
Let Shanti smile her beatific smile
Let the universe get back its breath
Let Shanti embrace you in her arms
As you snuggle up to her.
(C) Lily Swarn All rights reserved
Shanti is the Hindi word for peace
Lily Swarn

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