Those who played a great part in my life / Dr. Jernail S. Aanand

Those who played a great part in my life


Dr. Jernail S. Aanand

I never knew I had something good in what I was writing. But I kept writing. It was not acknowledged by my people. But I went on.

I bow my head in great reverence to the cosmic forces which were benign and who catapulted me from a near non entity to its near opposite.
I must begin with my greatest friend Dr Shashi Bhushan Garg who prefers to avoid limelight

I was almost a non-entity, when Dr. Roghayeh Farsi, from University of Neyshabur, Iran, got into my book BLISS through Nargues Mohammadi. She had a philosophic bent of mind, and asked me deep questions of philosophy. Thereafter, I sent her my book Beyond Life Beyond Death. She taught its poems to Iranian students along with T.S. Eliot’s poetry. Then, I don’t know what inspired her. She compared Bliss to Khalil Gibran’s THE PROPHET and Beyond Life Beyond Death to T.S. Eliot’s THE WASTELAND. Dr. Farsi discovered that I was hitting new ground in my critical articles and it was she who worked on the idea of BIOTEXT. She has written two big articles and a book, expounding this theory with regard to Deleuze, Bakhtin and Homi Bhaba.

The other big event was the translation of Bliss and I Belong to You, into PERSIAN by Nargues Mohammadi. These are international texts now. Her translation work has been admired in critical circles.

Princpal N.S. Tasneem was the one who was the first from the Punjabi Literary Scene to acknowledge the merit of my poetry. Released Beyond Life Beyond Death in 2001 and declared that “Anand has broken new ground in this book”. Even today the gentleman is my mentor. And whenever I write something, I share my views and seek inspiration from him.

Dr. Som P. Ranchan was a great poet from Shimla who was a great friend. We held discussions and used to drink philosophy together.

I came across Yayati Madan Gandhi who helped me publish my poetry, and brought my work to international limelight.

The turning point in my literary career was my visit to Italy on the invitation of Pablo Neruda Foundation and Kibatek 39. Here i met Maria and my life long friends Dr Penpen Pentasi B Nuri Can Agron Shele Terane Turan Rehimli Sevil Emirzade Massimiliano Raso amd Andreea Monalisa. And then the award of World Icon of Peace by World institute of Peace headed by LaminaKamiludeenOmotoyosi..which starts my love affair with Africa. Here i got into Mutiu Olawuyi the great jungle poet and Philo MalizeKing…and the great Rector Olukoya Ogen. Including late Ikechukwu Jude whom we lost last week.

But I am thankful to Cav Silvano Bortolazzi who recognized the merit of my poetry and made me Ambassador of WUP and then, he went on to honour me with Cross of Literature and Cross of Peace. He appointed me Secretary General of the World Union of Poets. I publically express my gratitude to this gentleman.

Munni Irone the great Hollywood Icon picked on me for ART4PEACE Lifetime Achievement Award.

The greatest support that I received in this field was from my friend, Ade Caparas Manilahwho founded with me Philosophique Poetica de-Aanand. World’s top designer, a terrific poet and a wondetful human being, Ade stands apart among world top poets; and Dr Seema Devi who was the first to admire my book The Apocalypse as one of the best books she had read. Philosophique Poetica has broken new ground and I acknowledge the love of all associated with it Dr Rama Krishana Perugu Armeli Quezon Dr Cijo Joseph Chennelil Parupudi SatyavenkatavinodkumarSwapna Bahera Ravi Ranganathan Saroj K Padhi Prof.Manthena Damodara Chary Rajendra Padhiand DrSigma Sathish Ankha-Ra Micah-Elah Aprilia Zank and Dr Deepa Chandran Ram and M.A. Rathore

I am most impressed by the poetry of Dr. L Sr Prasad, by far the most talented and versatile poet of post-modern India. And dr Pedapudi Rama Rao and Dr George Onsywhose poetry I found most inspiring. Ramakanta Das Jenda LovelyLady Poet and Jen Walls too are made of same stuff. Dr Muhammad Shanazar and Paullyn Sidhu too are vibrant voices which I find highly obsessed with the living aspects of life. Dr. Shivputra Kanade who published Bliss and Hard Talk and is bringing out a VISHWABHARTI COMPANION on my works. I harbour great love and regard for this gentleman.

I shall resume this write up to talk about other poets and friends whose love has come my way .


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