ILKIM (simsek) /  Poem by Tyran Prizren Spahiu

 Poem by Tyran  Prizren Spahiu
Blessed Miss, accoplished dream
from the universe
as the polar star got separated
warmth bringing into the family nest .
I do fresh recall, end of the cold winter
day that, time was stopped, the foggy eyes
princess of the word, came down to the airport
brought ardor in the morning moments.
Sweet word, aristocratic attitude
opened the gate of the kingdom,
offering pleasant welcome
to weary travelers in the soul.
Blessed female understood the needy’s
offered generosity, emotional support
acoustic voice, even today echoes in the air
I am here, dear friends from Prizren.
Always I will remember, the Noble of the Family
the Lady, evermore trust radiates,
over the time of goodness raised
always will live in the verses of poetry.
Time whispers, in the imaginary highs
the gem of life greets with majesty
sounds are accompaning the Queens Throne.
Her highness, The Princess
hope reach the spiritual comfort
even tomorrow, yes, even tomorrow
continue with glamorous nobility…
Tyran Prizren Spahiu

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