Hypothetical landing ( …Thinking of the Titanic ) / Poem by Claudia Piccinno

Poem by Claudia Piccinno
Hypothetical landing
…Thinking of the Titanic
Jack got and he messed up
days that were always the same
rolling the routes
of mental journeys.
It was not for Rose
wanted meeting
Yet around the walls
He became the ditch,
her lifeline,
her bearing breakwater,
an emergency plan,
a solidal interlocutor,
almost a normal man.
Rose can not swim
But she is attracted by the sea,
she’s cold inside
and she fears that the fire
could do the center.
Rose is standing on the pole
Of her fears,
she has no more arrival
Nor reliable barycentre
But she wants to believe that
her virtual Jack
could feel a real affection.
Jack and Rose will not meet again
In the daily walk
Of distant planets,
But their pilgrim souls
recognize themselves in a hypothetical landing
At the edge of glittering and shop windows
Unknown to shipwrecks
and to all sailors.
Claudia Piccinno

3 thoughts on “Hypothetical landing ( …Thinking of the Titanic ) / Poem by Claudia Piccinno

  1. Claudia, il mio pc fa il matto. ho provato a chiamarti senza esito. Mi rallegro della tua profondità/ idem altezza. Ho voglia di leggerti, anche se sono annodata da 1000 impegni. A presto sentirci. TVB.

  2. Lascia perdere i “refusi” . Intendo profondità /altezza “numericamente” identici, secondo, tu sai, il codice indoeuropeo, con la differenza barometrica della profondità, che qui indicherebbe inferiorità(= al -0 del barometro. Vado di fretta e ho i muratori in casa: e questa è bassezza, dura quotidianità. Sto lavorando abbastanza bene. A presto due mie monografie in editoria. Ciao. Buon come sei. Grazie per avermi scritto/contattato.

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