Poems by Aabha Vatsa

Poems by Aabha Vatsa
I met you with open eyes and a warm heart
My life mate for all seasons
My doubts fleeing to depart
For unknown reasons.
The shock gave me a lump in my throat
Could this possibly be my mate?
I wanted to live and not bloat
Unmindful of the ghastly bait.
You clipped my wings with glee
Giving me shivers deadly
But i decided not to flee
Keeping my dreams rock steady.
You must baby sit he shrieked
Stop working now a while
My subdued screams sounded wild
As i gathered my wits with a fake smile
I planned my job secretly
All the while taking care of the baby
My hands worked keenly
My face flushed as an irritated baby.
So, we grew side by side
My baby and I
I trudged my way as my silence cried
Wondering all the time why.
Yet again you intervened
Resulting in my swollen eyes
O, how can i live with a zombie friend
O, to pay the price.
By now i had become a veteran
Fully equipped to face your raging temper
I could sense your discomfort of my betterment
As i refused to get lost in whimpers.
Through years of this malaise of a game
I silently grew like a pure lotus
I gave up the notion of blame
And simply watered my roots like a foetus.
And one fine day it all came back
My identity and my dignity
And like a proud wolf pack
I gathered my life, a shade brilliantly.
The husky voice on the phone
Made breathless mournings moan
Triggering a feeling of euphoria
Making my heart sing gloria!
On the decided fateful day
I chose to wear crimson, come what may
Red, the color of passion
I dressed in high fashion.
My knees wobbling i walked into the cafe
Slowly sipping cafe latte
Awaiting your arrival
It became a matter of survival.
My wait ceded and you came out of the blue
Sending my heartbeats into a million hues.
The bold gaze and the towering demeanor
Made the cafe look mighty greener.
I looked at you, out of bewildered eyes
There was open emotion, no guise.
I knew in that one instant
It was highly proficient, love at first sight.
She was barely past puberty
When kidnapped from her community.
Sold to a lecherous man
In a huge sinister plan.
She cried her eyes out
Praying fervently for a safe where about
She crouched in pain
As her master became insane.
Her will power a little shaken
She longed to be free of the pagan
Wiping her tears solemnly
She kept her plan cautiously.
In the pitch dark night
She creped slowly with all her might
Bolting the door from outside
Her predator snoring in the dark night.
She ran non stop to the police station
Her thoughts and will never vacant
Refuge came at the NGO
She began a new life, her spirits happily soared.

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