Poems by Tanni Bose

Poems by Tanni Bose


Just you and me

Just you and me
Along the sandy beach of time
Impulsive, affectionate and adoring
Seated leisurely in timelessness
Heart embraced to the soul
In silence, in sweat
What can solitude fetch?
I ask you-
Then you embrace me
I get the answer.

© Tanni Bose


Come September!

Heart condense into magnetic acceptance
With blossoms of fragrant daisy
In the arid, dusty horizon of futility
The fine dusty soil once-
Gone with the wind
Homes on the barren heart

Comforting it, soothing it
Coating it with message immense
Each step with white hope
The dream leaps in passion

On the rutted DE textured path
Moving on and on
The introverted lamp illuminates

At times sunnier, at times grey
But mostly stable

The tempest distorts all
But the hand didn’t fail to gather straw
And make the roof again.

© Tanni Bose

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