Poems by Bam Dev Sharma 

Poems by Bam Dev Sharma 



I intend to waltz
in mystic affections 
as if
they dart into the sky
my numb silence.

I sense them
into my heart
galvanized into
dribbling shadows.

When glinting rays
pierce through,
mercurial dreams
begin to melt
and splash over
bewildering horizons
jocund tapestry
furnished onto canvass.

Then winding reminiscences
and jostle
like the ruffling wind
across grassy land—–

I cannot resist
but woo
for pensive doze
to fall
in slumber of love
beyond carnal wish!

Copyrights By 
Bam Dev Sharma 
September 23, 2017 
Kathmandu, Nepal



There is a friend
With whom I talk
( I bet you don’t know her.)
Who shares all her in and out
And worries of the world
Being so concerned
Of dwindling humanity.

She is an absolute cosmopolitan
In every sense of modernity:
As she owns a car
And keeps up hectic schedules
From Monday through Friday.

She throws parties at the weekends
Inviting many friends
For a clamorous evening
Who talk from poetry to share markets
In uproar of laugh and intoxication.

Many praise her
For her taste of foods
And others appreciate
Her choice for furniture.

But nobody knows
How she sleeps
On her suffocating bed
With the aid of many pills!

Copyrights By
Bam Dev Sharma



Like a passer-by
On the bank of river
Counting waves 
One by one:
Playing push and pull
Of swirling water,
We also trifle
With mercurial dreams
That persist
With revelations
As engraved and taxed
In twilight
As pungent as
Fecund sirens.

But these ephemeral dreams
Into dawn’s glimmer
Soaked with virulent soil
With marked calyx of fate
Like a slithering snake
Entering the bush.

Like widening roads
Wait mesmerised travellers
Floating across
In soft and smooth
Puffing clouds
Converged into diurnal chores
Beyond the whir
Of cicada
Across blocks of ice
Embracing wallowing rays!

Copyright By 
Bam Dev Sharma 
September 2017

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