Orbindu Ganga

Orbindu Ganga
Orbindu Ganga is a post-graduate in science and the first recipient of Dr. Mitra Augustine gold medal for academic excellence. He worked in financial, banking and publishing domains. Proved his finesse as a Soft Skills Trainer and Content Account Manager. Content writing intrigued him to love the world of English literature. Loving the words and understanding the origin made him agog for semantics, etymology and neology. He touches the nuances to get imbibed in understanding the human behaviour in psychology and counselling. To understand the dynamics and the deeper conscience of mind is his view of knowing neuroscience and philosophy. Past has always been a subject of discussion which he adsorbs from history and archaeological studies. Nature and its diverse species have fascinated him in the study of entomology, ecology, oceanography, and ichthyology. Walls do speak and so do is the structure which captivated him to get imbued in architecture and interior designing. Knowing the world around and creating a thought to get answers whirled in the thoughts to the world of quizzing. Understanding the people and the places created more inquisitiveness towards travelling. The heavenly bodies and its movement primed his love for astronomy. The waves of silence have always whispered him to music. In pursuit of the truth of the unknown influenced him deep in spirituality. He loves to be a counsellor and a life coach.
He is known by his pen name in the poetic world as Orlando Blake. Orbindu Ganga is a multilingual poet, critic and sketch artist. Poetry has been his first love. His poems have been published in international publications like Sahitya Anand, Spillwords Press, SETU, OPA, Atunis and Winamop.
He has authored the book “SAUDADE.”
A way to snowfondland …
Eyes were lit as we sway
To see the snowy land,
With sleets of snow
Pelf of ashen surrounded
A new way to heaven,
With cerulean firmament
Turned into ashen caricature
A way to snowfondland …
Silence after the commotion …
Bereft of the rains
Made me whined,
Never did the thought
Of rain quaffed me before,
Copious whirls surrounded
Inundated the city to drench,
Gotterdammerung did we vein
You did see the silence
When the deluge flew in the nest …
My snobbish little bridge …
Sleet snoops around the bridge
Clandestine as thou look,
Covered by ashen
Figured by bashes
Firmament splashes in white,
Wending in merriment
Snotty as thou look
Syzygy of ecstasy we all felt
My snobbish little bridge …
All are small one though …

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