The second list of Woman Of Essence / By: Ade Caparas

The second list of Woman Of Essence

by Ade Caparas

dotism journal #5

Someone asked me, “ade, what is a Woman Of Essence? Is it me getting to be amongst the ‘rich and famous class’…  like peoples behind Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, or being a Rockefeller, a Putin, or a Novel Prize winner? Is it me being ‘bold and beautiful like the Queen of Sheba or a saint like Mother Theresa? What if i am une vendeuse de légumes ou de poisson … am i suck till death?”

My reply: It is “one who is willing to die to win”… as a child one may come from the very poor or from a family of the ‘haves’, nevertheless he owns nothing… we all start from NOT, grow up being told by parents, teachers friends neighbours religions governments, the nagging word don’t, just like Adam and Eve, forbidden to eat the fruit of Knowledge, in short, “i am but a dot of nothing… i own nothing!”

Then i dream of flying like no other men do, i fight all the no and the yes, expounding   only to my own consciousness and empiricism , where i carry all my frightful  awakening, the tremendous power of contradiction of numinous customs and traditions, latent in our society… and when i get to fly, reaching the highest peak like the MOON… and as i watch from above, those earthlings,  my origin, i suddenly realized… i am NOTHING…  a feeling of nothingness, emptiness, aloneness, gnaws my heart with pain… this pain this anxiety shall pave way to my essence, that is, realising  why i am…



i am You are

the i am that You are

is the love

that i love!

if you are the rain, then you are the drops that will drop on my forehead, trickle-lining my eye lids my nostril… searching for my lips, where you keep on circling, seeking seeking… to touch my tongue!


sweet-salty buds!

if you are the heat of the sun on summer days, then you are that nagging

quirks that make my skins slimy mud… pushing me to nudeness, where then it makes me long for that soothing gentle breeze.

why why must

i cover my skin?


if you are the wind passing by… affectionately ruffling my hair, tickling my ears my nose my chins my lips my cleavage, ahhhhhhhhh…


the You are that i am

the i am that You are

is the love

that i love! [dedicated to the Woman Of Essence]


seema devi  …  LEYLA  IŞIK  .  swapna behera  .  nandita samanta  .  pramila khadun

paloma fule  .  ceri naz  .  santosh bakaya  .  elizabeth esguerra castillo  .   jen walls


_ade caparas manilah sydney 2017

a Poet Writer Designer Artist Philosopher

Born in Manila, Philippines

Resident & Citizen of Australia,



A Woman Of Essence


Jen Walls, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA
“Gift true faith through love

live God’s miracle heartbeats;

lift canyons to heights”.       by Jen Walls


She is the author of The Tender Petals, Inner Child Press; Co-Author of Om Santih Santih Santih, The Poetry Society of India
2016 Distinguished Poet Award, Writers International Network (WIN Canada)
Publication of Poetry/Literary Reviews include: The Year of the Poet, Inner Child Press;
Bhakti Blossoms, A Collection of Vaishnavi Poetry, Golden Dragonfly Press;
Core Realm of Cosmic Peace & Harmony; World Anthology of English Poetry;
World Anthology of Poems on Global Harmony and Peace; Intercontinental Anthology of Poetry on Universal Peace; Global Fraternity of Poets and The Poetry Society of India;
Krishna – The YugaPurusha; Blessings; Heavenly Hymns; Poetic Symphonies; Anthesis; Synthesis;   Love; and Muse for World Peace; Xpress Publications and Poesis  Online;
Contemporary Vibes – Refereed Journal of Literary Criticism and Creative Writing
Poetcrit – International Refereed Journal of Literary Criticism & Contemporary Poetry;

(revised excerpt)
Care with gratitude
share in spirit’s treasure-house;
extend loving kiss

Open moment’s bliss
soar beauty’s equality;
fly kind heart’s love-dove

Blossom joy’s whisper
Arrive alive – blooming quest;
know forever breaths

Create destiny 
come into center – heed call;
answer within love 
© Jen Walls 2017
perceptive review

Jen Walls, a Poet/Author,  a  wife a mother,  quasi-fleure,  has her own shade of essence, she flows thoughts through words into  delicious poetic  language… she is the………….


“sunlights shoot freshness

prism of a classique moderne


 (haiku by _ade c.)


Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo is a multi-awardee, and widely-published contemporary international author/poet from the Philippines, has published 2 books, “Seasons of Emotions” (UK) and “Inner Reflections of the Muse” (USA).

A co-author to more than 70 international anthologies in the USA, Canada, UK, India, Romania, and India… the very petite bachelorette is also a  member of PEN International, American Authors association (AAA), and Asia Pacific Writers and Translators (APWT). She was one of the members of the Board of Judges in the recently concluded 2017 GHANA Writers Awards. Elizabeth is currently working on her two new novels.

 “Why do you write Elizabeth?”, i asked.

“I write because I can’t afford not to write, I was born to be a storyteller… i aim to make a difference in this world… there is a raging storm within me, un-tameable  and needs to bleed on paper_  I write not just for myself but for humanity to help make people believe in each other!”

“Life is balance but not equal.  Life should be fair and just to all but such is not the case in some situations involving equal opportunities between the rich and poor; the poor lacking in basic human needs such as food, shelter, clothing, education, among others. Some would also view life as unfair when hurdled with heavy burdens and adversities and this inequalities must be challenged…  writers poets, our pens can change the course and make us better people of the world.”

“I believe that each one of us has a pre-destined fate long before we were born. We just need to discover our one true purpose and act on it, unless we would like to turn away from our destiny. I believe that, what’s really meant to happen will eventually happen on its own Perfect Divine Timing and nothing,  no one can do something about it as it is written in the stars.”

perceptive review

Strong language steams from her lovely lips, a Filipina woman, a gentle wind, a ray of light, a drop of rain,  yet has a reserve force of a giant storm… she can’t be stopped like sunlight!


lupit… ano mang lupit

pag-hampas ng hangin

ano mang bagsik

Buhos ng ulan

ano mang init

ihaggis sa akin

ito’y lilisan  lilisan

para nitong araw

sisikat sisikat

pamuli !

(English version)


you, you, you,

treacherous wind

no matter what a bulldozing pouring rains

or boiling pot of hell

you are but whizzing fireballs

doomed to end

just how sunlights

can’t be stopped.

by _ade caparas manilah sydney 2017


Dr Santosh Bakaya, an academician- novelist- essayist- poet – reviewer- editor,   hails  from  Kashmir, [ India] .

“The written word has fascinated me since the time I was in school, and although I have a doctorate in Political Theory, it is the practice of life undulating before us in myriad hues , the extraordinary peeping through the ordinary, that has perpetually enthralled me and coerced me into penning my thoughts . It is the small things of life that have always given me a high…  i have won international acclaim for many of my works , especially for my poetic biography of Mahatma Gandhi, Ballad of Bapu:  Where are the lilacs?, Flights from My Terrace and Under the Apple Boughs .

My poems have figured in many international anthologies , and i strongly believe that poetry can change that world; it can make things happen, and it can rein in the unleashing of a Grave New world, so i write on , with an untrammelled passion.

Do i create my own destiny, or is it predestined ? _ I strongly believe in the power of dreams, and am convinced that if we try our best , there is no reason why  our dreams cannot be realised, and if we are confident enough we can pave our own path and carve our own destiny.  

Why i write ? _there is  a small voice lurking inside me , which prompts me to put my thoughts on paper… for me , writing is therapeutic, cathartic and highly fulfilling, if I feel strongly about something ,

 I  pen my thoughts down, as writing is also a safety-valve for me.

Life is balance , but not equal… yes indeed , in this life, one is always striking balance : balance between home and work place, balance between pleasure and pain, success and failure, hope and despair, and because of this, one always walks on a tight-rope… balancing the way where, one false step… one can slip into stygian depths of  utter despondence.

Then there is societal imbalance , a lack of equality , where poverty and opulence cause disunity… social classism, radicalism, religious differences, political turmoils… where, perhaps, mighty pens, poetic language can weave a big change to our world.

Her short stories with the inter-related trails of macro/micro plotting sequences, glue a reader’s eye not to make even a wink… such exciting thrills, so addictively seducing a reader’s enthusiasm. Check some links following.

perceptive review

“luxury perfume

carried by a whipping wind

white petals”

haiku by: _ade caparas manilah sydney 2017


“I am life, so you are” Caroline Nazareno a.k.a. Ceri Naz, has that oozing essence of womanhood, a star with multiple brilliance… a World Poetry International Director to Philippines, she is known as a ‘poet of peace and friendship’; a multi-awarded poet, editor, journalist, speaker, linguist, educator, peace and women’s advocate. She believes that learning other’s language and culture is a doorway to wisdom, speaks Mandarin, besides English and many native dialects of her own country. The International Poetry Translation and Research Centre (IPTRC)  featured her in the World Poetry Quarterly published in China early September 2017.Among her poetic belts are Writers International Network-Canada ‘’Amazing Poet 2015’’, The Frang Bardhi Literary Prize 2014 (Albania), the sair -gazeteci   or Poet Journalist Award 2014 (Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey) and  World Poetry Empowered Poet 2013 (Vancouver, Canada). She’s a featured member of Association of Women’s Rights and Development (AWID), Universal Peace Federation, Asia Pacific Writers and Translators (APWT ), Axlepino, Anacbanua and Akademika Nusa  Internasional  Association of Social Sciences and Humanities (ANISSH).  Her poetry and children’s stories have been featured in different anthologies and magazines worldwide.

River of Golden Intaglio

Watch my return—

Here’s the marker of hope,

Mezzotints between the mouth of spring and roots of fall–

the once running rivers in my palms

yielding flagellations of reality turned into sewerage,

of darkened  jade and wizened faces,

untiringly, waiting  for halcyon days and sun halos

where i-me become renewed and recalibrated,

 why i-me become the collision of aurora borealis in the poles of apotheosis,

guided by sacred sanctity: sound, time and geometry

my flowers of life, afterlife

will never wither but transform

the i-me  kintsukuroi—losses, pains, bend, fears, ruptures mess,

the i-me destiny: irreplaceable golden mends

in the multiverse.

© Caroline ‘Ceri Naz’ Nazareno-Gabis

perceptive review

ahhhh…  smokes get into your eyes

envelope of words


haiku by:_ade caparas manilah sydney 2017


Paloma Fule, Spirit Light Poet Warrior, “I am… a Spiritual Being living in an Imperfect World, sharing my Blessings and uplifting Life!””It is always good

to remind yourself


what you

came into

this Earth—”

A writer who writes beyond the metaphysical material whelm, gifted with a third eye that sees beyond seeing. A linguist; French, Spanish, Italian, she comes from the Philippines but now married and lives in Laguna Niguel, California… a pure tagala (Pilipina), she is a Tagalog InterpreterTour Guide at Phillipine International Convention Center. She manages: The Grand Priory Of Teuton’s Knights Order From Australia And New Zealand and 2 other Pages Owner at Writer/ Poet/ Artist/Entrepreneur at Kaiser Permanente



Born from

your Mother’s Womb,

your Existence as..


in it’s PUREST FORM,

is clearly evident

in each Smile,

you brought forth

from others.


Life’s journey

may change you–

Unhealthy Physically or Mentally–

Rich, Poor,

Proud, Depressed,

Worthy or Unworthy,

we all FALL

into TRAPS



When the Dust Particles,

finally settle,

clearing your…

Brain’s Dirty Windshield.

Left alone,

devoid of ALL

Worldly Possessions,

Visible and Invisible,

TRUTH speaks.


You are–



than the ‘PERFECT LOVE’,

residing within you !



in all forms.

From the Universe,


you were created.

And that alone..

makes YOU..



… in Life !”

— Lady Paloma Fule

(Spirit Light Poet Warrior )

Godspeed, and

with my strongest tight

angel-healing hugs always.

Paloma Fule

Dame Grand Cross of The Historical Teutonic Knights of St Mary’s of Jerusalem USA.

#Knight #TeutonicKnight #Angel #AngelWarrior #PalomaFule

perceptive view

clouds twenty four hours

circling in the hemisphere

my spirit

haiku by: _ade caparas manilah sydney 2017


Pramila Khadun, a poetess from Mauritius, a woman who is as certain as the sun will shine… can pen her thoughts, ink words into a language:


“Lonely like a cloud,

           I walked on the shore.

                      I wrote the word ‘love’ on the sands soft.

The big waves came and washed them away.

           I went home crying like a child.

                      The next day when I came to the shore,

I saw beautiful pearls scattered all around

              And on each pearl the word ‘love’ was written.

                             I am convinced that we poets with the power of our pens can bring change 


My philosophy about poetry…


I write to reach out to the world to share my feelings and views about what I see around me. Having read extensively, I feel that we are less focused on the real ways of life and more on materialistic gains which is the major cause for strife, war and generalized pain and unhappiness. I am convinced that we poets with the power of our pens can bring change across the world to see love blooming in the hearts of one and all.

She has so far had five collections of poetry published.They are Priyumvada, Rajnee, Kavi,

Shangrila and Igniting Key which is co-authored by Dr Ampat Koshy and Dr Bina Biswas.

She also wrote a novel entitled ‘When love speaks’ , A textbook, ‘Food and Nutrition Simplified, and ‘Understanding Diabetes.

She won the Reuel International Prize for Excellence in writing and Literature in 2015 and i 2017 she won a Pentasi-B Trophy for Inspirational poet.


perceptive review

a gem on the sand

pouring rains night of splashing waves

bothers not

haiku by: _adecaparas manilah sydney 2017


Nandita Samanta,  “Beautiful life begins with a beautiful mind”… declares our lovely lady, who is a

a science graduate and an ex-Biology teacher…  to bloom into  a trilingual poet, short story writer, painter and a dancer… even the flowers get carried away when she starts to sway her graceful hands.

Born in West Bengal, a resident of Salt Lake, Kolkata. Her published poetry collection is ‘Scattered Moments ‘ and published stories are ‘Enamoured’, ‘Purba’ ‘An Encounter With Death’. Her writings are published in various international and national anthologies, magazines, webzines, newspapers, and journals and have been translated in different languages. She now resides in in Kolkata From Barddhaman, West Bengal, India

Her creative thoughts whirl her imagination to its vastness of space and she wouldn’t dare search for a stop light to shy it off… “it gives me immense satisfaction… the cocktail of concatenating experiences of life;  memories fantasies,  unconscious or conscious,  becomes a virtual reality.  i believe through my writings, i can bring change on the negatively boxed mindsets.”

She thinks life must strike a balance, to attain happiness is to level ones health work relationships and God; while it is of great importance to develop ones self-esteem, i. e., maintaining dignity, attaining success, and living life in comfort, yet to dedicate oneself on a selfish endeavour at the expense of others, will have its corresponding effect, which can put one on a more deplorable situation.

“Fate is predetermined not destiny. I choose my own destiny, carve it out of my dreams. Destiny is not a chance but a choice and I have always strived and materialized my dreams through perseverance and endurance, i  will always do so.”


Can’t Let Go~

I looked for a word to say,

but could not find one that day.

I wished for a word that would stay in your heart,

but, it was silence that tore us apart.
Should I blame myself for failing to convey,
what you really couldn’t understand
or your feelings had already sailed far,
to a far away land?
Years have rolled past, and I lost you on the way
I would give all my tomorrows for just one yesterday,
to you it hardly matters, for you have moved ahead
why would you barter a day of the past, that you consider dead?
My broken heart is like a shattered vase
fragile pieces scattered all over the place
still I hold on, I do not know why
I should move on yes, but I rather wish to die!
I can feel the warmth slowly turning cold
like snowflakes melting in sun rays gold
deep inside me, I know I’m wrong,
but my stubborn heart continues to hold on
I should let you go, and let life as it should be
you have chosen freedom, I too need to be free
I have tried to let go, see! loosened my tight grip
but, I fail to let go my hold on your last fingertip!


perceptive review

swaying leaves and flowers fall

winds and rains all day

focus my eyes.

Haiku by: _ade caparas manilah sydney 2017


Swapna Behera,  Author, Editor, World Icon of Peace from Nigeria Translator, Former KendriyaVidyalaya Balasore , Kaniha NTPC , Anugul ,  FCI Talcher , Montfort school Dhenkanal at Teacher. [link]

“I bow”    #Felicitation

I receive it humbly with commitment… Receiving the International Enchanting Muse Award 2017 in India World Poetree Festival Ramoji  Film City Hyderabad 2017 in recognition of the contribution for world literature &promotion of world peace in the field of literature ,Education, Humanity &Spirituality.  I thank DrPenpen Epitacio Tongohan  sir and Dr L Sr Prasad sir and Mr Nrusingh  Rao ji film Director I thank my readers and well wishers…

A very simple humble lady, who wouldn’t really neon-light the height of her achievements, yet all photos show just how well-liked and admired she is by literary lovers. Words aren’t  sufficient to paint her essentials, Au lieu de cela, je vais créer un  collage de la vie et de l’amour. [instead, i will create a collage of life and love.]

Swapna Behera

December 2 at 11:34am ·


Swapna Behera

In those moments

Either you sang or I

May be the moments
danced with the
rhythm of silence

The leaves rustled

Our mammoth desires

Squeezed in a portable heart

Coz the heart can

bleed tears or years

After all ; those were customized

moments to remember or forget – –

Published in my book “Beyond the Galaxy “

perceptive review

dainty white jasmine

whole night long gentle breeze hugs

swapna is!!!

Haiku by: _ade caparas manilah sydney 2017


Leyla Işık, the lady poet is from İzmir, Turkey… Lives in Göztepe, Izmir, Turkey
Sanatçı at nuna
Genel Başkan Yardımcısı at KIBATEK(Kıbrıs Irak Balkanlar Avrasya Türk Edebiyatları Kurumu”
Genel Koordinatör at Ege Kültür Platformu-Tiyatro EKP
Former Köşe yazarı at medya
Former Sanatçı at Peter Ruthardt Photograph


Sağa sola

dönüp durma

sarıl sevgiye sıkıca

barışa aç gözlerini…

Leyla Işık


To the left.

Don’t turn around

Hug love tight

Open your eyes to peace…

Leyla Işık


YağmuRLaR siLeRkeN

Dün gece aniden,

Yıldızlar kaydı ellerimden

Eski bir fotoğraf gibiydin
Rüzgâra tutulmuş dağılıyorken.
Ne karanfil, karanfil kokuyordu saçların,
Ne de hanımelileriydi ellerin…
Sarmaşıktın çözülen, yılgın
Yediveren beyaz gülden…
Buruktu yüreğim,
Zamansız yağmurlar silerken
Seni gözlerimden…



When the rains are wiped

Last night, all of a sudden,

The Stars are slipping away from my hands

You were like an old photo.

My dreams

I was in the wind.

It smelled like cloves, cloves, hair.

Nor do you have your hands…

Sarmasiktin solved, frustrated

Yediveren White Gulden…

My heart, my heart,

Erasing timeless rains

I’ll see you…

Leyla Light

perceptive review

mighty splash of waves

galloping drops of rain

roaring speedy wind

the antithesis of

gentle kiss

graceful movements of hand

the very demure smile

Leyla ’s language of love

shows HER Image.

A Septom by: _ade caparas manilah sydney 2017


Seema Devi, Born on 13 Nov. 1948, A medical practitioner by profession, have passion for poetry and painting since childhood; written more than 2000 poems. Believes in U n i v e r s a l L o v e , a revolutionary, caste, creed dogmas and blind beliefs… “I a b h or wars , ra p e a n d destroying Heritage buildings and literature, bombing schools, places of worship, raping women, abducting g i r l s . . . I H AT E F RO M BOTTOM OF MY HEART… Peace can never be bargained at gun point and shake-hand of friendship cannot be done with blood dribbling hands.




What a longing the dew drops have

to unite with the dry dust!

The drops of desires have to merge

with the desire -free sacredness.

Holding the love in my palms

wearing the shroud of my last journey

shedding all the veils of attachment

started alone on this Holy path….

This is attribute-less holy path,

A journey on the pathless path,

To your abode in the yonder hills;

A white swan is flying over my head.

Wings’ shadow me protecting from sun

A blue shadow is following my body

This the gist of my good deeds,

In the holy mist of his mercy.

Me a spark- this will merge with

With YOUR Timeless Fire,

Which is my final abode to rest

And re-emerge in the Pulsating Life-sphere.



I ran myself from myself

I ran from my inner silence.

Gathered so called precious things

Tried to fill my vast emptiness……

I loved this cage of flesh and blood

Imprisoning my love and light

I nailed myself to my own coffin


And lived in utter ignorance-dark

Your merciful thunder- touch

Shattered my chains-steel

The chains, the nails, the coffin

I saw the infinite space and light

……Swans flying …..

I joined them to yonder hills.

Dr. Seema Devi

106, Mallar Nillayam, Perumal Koil Street,

Muthialpet, Puducherry 605003


perceptive review

she has gathered

golden hays

stacked, woven into beautiful baskets

of colourful buds

she hangs them

by the window sills!  

ahhhh … she paints poetry!   _ade caparas manilah sydney 2017


Message  from  an ICON

Dr. Jernail S. Anand, an international literary icon, whose poetic exuberance graces our sometime timid moments and thus like the passing winds or passing showers, jolts us…  to a blazing bush fire. His gentle spirit and loving heart builds our soul. Congratulations dear poet, YOU ARE LOVE!!! _ ade c 2017


Poet Writer Author philosopher

Philosophique Poética Founder

“Beyond all matters of gender and age,Those who love and those who pray… Men and women are for us mortals”.

Written and produced by _ade caparas manilah a.k.a. Maelan Koia


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