Poems by Neelam Malik

Poems by Neelam Malik



Imperceptible movements
From the forlorn lands
Glancing at me intently
Elbows akimbo,me too watches
Hoax audieus striding by
My heart collated the virtues
My quill awaits for the flow
Coagulates the countenance
My mood in exaltation
And the poem in its ritual.


Wailing Whisperings

My eyes ran through flora n fauna
The inhabitants were whispering
Butterfly to flower said: humanity failing
To the core separated, morally departing
Dew drops on blades of grass:wailing
We laugh at them for these mercenaries
Have no heart to heart hearings
Hypocrisy,sychophancy… trumpets blowing
Polishing mother earth with venomous beatings
Winds laughed , to the green leaves swinging
Man has wrapped his friendly tone n tunings
Fixing religious blankets with turmoils n tearings
Boundaries bountiful,but for killings
Roots to the soil speaks :man stumbling
Bees humming ,man has no nector flowing
Pious pearls of rainbow asks–humanity pale
Meandering rivers ask for man’s cravings
Nests in birds were chirping–arise dear beings
Blizzards warning for their unwanted weeds
Tempest warning their fall from graceful blessings
Fauna heard floral whisperings :be souls loving
Gazing at the stars ,l pray bless my human beings
With pious pondering and grace Lovings.



Beauty Crowned
Splashing colours
Curvaceous curves
Crossing the barricades
Glorifying the human hearts
A colourful connoisseur
Filling every beauty adorned
Profound melodies and precious pearls
Flora with sunny rays
I clasp these moments
An adorable beauty cheers
Peerless and precious friends
Encompass thy aura
Ethereal elegance in meandering rivers
Pinnacles and valleys
Light transcends
In this haven of mother nature.



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