Poems by Uzma Parveen

Poems by Uzma Parveen



True love can never be a bar or cage
Always it gives courage
Gives wings to go high
Can be causes of smiles
But can not be the reason of cries
Can not thrive in the boat of doubt
It is trust, true love can not be without.


The One And Only One Our Lord

Don’t you think?
there is someone
who saves us when we fall
listens to us when we call
helps us in difficulties
gives us patience in miseries
a belief in the oneness of God
the one and only one our Lord!

When we commit sins or heresy
and we realize and feel guilty
we seek His forgiveness
we ask for His kindness
all the praise goes to Him
His rank is so high
He is the creator of earth and sky
the one and only one our Lord!

We belong to Islam
a religion of peace
that teaches us to be true
in everything we think or do
that teaches us to love
people below or above
that teaches us to obey orders from God
the one and only one our Lord!

Just for once look around
from the sky to the ground
from the rivers to the sea
from a stone to the hills
from a flower to the trees
think of yourself and function of every part
don’t you think there is someone?
the one and only one our Lord!

Everyday is full of blessings
be grateful for what you have
thank God for what you don’t get
believe in the day of judgment
fear God and follow the Messenger
prepare to be successful in the hereafter
start your day by praising God
the one and only one our Lord!


Often he says

your words are sweeter
they give divine pleasure
when I read you
I want to be with you
As a juicy flower for a bee
your words seduce me
Often he says.!

They touch me slowly
whisper into my ears sweetly
I enjoy their company heartily
with them every second is jolly
I am smitten with your poetry
your words seduce me
often he says.!

They take me to other world
sky for a newly born bird
your warm musings fire inside
with the wing of words I desire to flight
they soothe my soul in darkest night
your words seduce me
often he says!



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