Indiscriminate and brutal slaughter / Poem by Bindi Sharma

Poem by Bindi Sharma


Indiscriminate and brutal slaughter

India iraq bilateral relations has
Historical significance enjoyed
Enduring political economic 
Cultural ties
‘Basra’ for The Arab world was
Only market par excellence of
Indian merchandise
Read the distress signals
All over the country deaths in Mosul
The revealation that massacre
Thirty nine Indians workers kidnapped
Killed by the Islamic state has brought
A painful closure to the episode
What is done is done in the name of.
Shocking it is grave impropriety

As India had always been at the forefront
Of rescuing its overseas citizens.
But this time traumatic and cold
Revealation, families were agonised
Over not being provided timely help
Could have have saught diplomatic
Help to trace them
Well known fact that Mosul
fell into the hands of the Islamic state
Which is in no way benevolent
Or one with which dialogue
can be persued, asking for diplomatic
Channels and substantive proof
At that time would have been distant
Especially when anarchy
is the order of the day !
It was only possible after Iraqi forces
Recaptured Mosul
There was a chance to help out
But then it was late indeed.
They had finished and butchered
The soul of humanity .

Bindi Sharma
22 Nd March @ All rights reserved



Your poem titled”Indiscriminate and Brutal Slaughter”is a poem that clearly states the cold-blooded murder of 39 Indians in Iraq and the trauma that incident wreaked on the dear ones and relatives of the victims,the near and dear ones were kept in the dark for a long time on the killings of their loved ones and then they got the news about the butchery of their loved ones from the TV news,they had to endure feelings of hellish nature after their loved ones were abducted and kidnapped by the hardcore militant groups then dominant in Iraq,the harrowing end to this episode is an eye opener regarding how we should handle such sensitive issues where human lives are lost,39lives had been snatched away from us and it is time that we bring succour to those families of the victims who have been devastated by this terrible news,in fact there should be a credible closure to the entire episode by the dignified returns of the remains of these victims,so that they can be buried with dignity and the near and dear ones can have peace of mind regarding this issue.Kudos to you for composing such an outstanding poem on a contemporary issue.

Cijo Joseph Chennelil Kuravilangad.All Copyrights Reserved@On 23rd March 2018.

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