Poems by Sadiqullah Khan

Poems by Sadiqullah Khan


A Lateral Thinking

They may say
The syllabi are odd or even
By breath by stress,
You may add
You may subtract,
Words stretched
Words diminished.
It would hold
A greater rein of thought.
Would it make the thought;
Would it speak the truth.
It would, defy falsehood
It would make us human?
A lateral thinking
An essential humanity.
Would it say
We are one
Bring us the courage
To embrace the enemy
Just across a line, drawn on a map
By faith, race, color, ethnicity
Greed and gender.
Would the cup then spill
Wine on the edge
Or the beloved dance in ecstasy.
The long sleep, the longest
Would it bring solace to the heart
In longing. Would it bring moon
In the hands. Would it kill –hatred.
If not then leave it, if not
Then I am used to my long fables
My fantasies, I am adamant to kill you
For. To die for. To win myself
A paradise. A patriot’s death.
To burn and be burned
To an utmost destruction of humanity.


Music to the ears

Music to the ears, to senses sooth –
To the ailing heart, lift –
To drifting soul – bouyant float,
A flush of fresh water from cloud
To thought and reason a sleep while –
That unless from dwell to undwell
Be without, then with you joyous
Company make.It souds sweeter
Like droplets of freedom, – it is potion
It is healing. It is like lone walk
On certain holy way to no destiny
Or the night’s embracing fold
Not unlike warmth of mother’s touch
Like angels singing to you –
Like your sorrows drain, like your loss
Restored, like all grief to an end come.

– While in the car during night rain

Sadiqullah Khan
October 8, 2018.

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