HUMMINGBIRD / Poem by Dr Ezhil Vendhan

Poem by Dr Ezhil Vendhan
I am little magic, spirit-bird,
bird-fly, not bigger than a Hornet,
yet have all the features of a bird,
as bill, wings, quills, legs and small claws.
I am the smallest of all birds,
tiny but greatest feature of
creating humming melody,
not by opening my beak
but by beating my wings,
at high frequencies audible to you.
My name won’t be meaningful,
in breaking my name into two
first name and last name,
I am just Hummingbird.
I hope my humming makes sweet
as it sounds faster,
while I approach the nectar-bearing flowers
and taste their sweet nectar.
My romance with nature
and dependence is high
as trees, plant flora and fauna
to fuel my high metabolism
and hovering flight,
I am kisser of flowers.
I tend to be smaller than the female ones,
allowing energy to forage competitively
and participative in courtship frequently.
I make magic colours too,
plants pollinated by me bloom flowers
in beautiful red, orange and pink
though I take the nectar from flowers
of other colours too.
I position my head stable
even during turbulent airflow.
I am exceptional in flight
having the highest metabolism of all,
to support the rapid beating of my wings
during hovering and fast forward flight.
I am highly sensitive to stimuli in my vision,
even for minimal diverse in others’ motion.
I may change my direction
reorienting myself in midflight.
I could establish my species high
where environmental conditions
stimulate further diversification.
© Dr Ezhil Vendhan

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