Mi..ne / Poem by Nutan Sarawagi

Poem by Nutan Sarawagi



My relatives were never mine
They were others
Others as mine 
For when they loved they were love sublime
When they hated it was a killing crime
A crime that was mine
Never theirs
For they were mine

Blaming me for everything
They could read my mind
Why were they mine
I wondered if they were ever mine
For they hated me

A minefield of love
In which they ploughed their mind
How to extricate me
From their ‘mine ‘
Disjointed as I lay
To put together that mi…ne
Never mine
But theirs
For I wasn’t just not theirs
I was not even mine
As they tore me to pieces
Nothing to leave behind
Pieces of heart
In it to Find
they cried
In me Bind

Copyright @Nutan Sarawagi 2018

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