Poems by Hana Shishiny

Poems by Hana Shishiny


Life is a smile

How far is eternity
As far as a wanted moment
A door always opened
A step and we are there…solely
Soul free..from pain delivered..

A setting of a departed sun
Silently …slipping into nothingness’ arms
No warmth..no shiny lights
Breaking hearts of lovers in charm
Deserted shores.. as cold is done….

We don’t realise..that life is a smile
A sparkling eye ..with love and kindness
Arms around your shoulders..A soothing hug
A kiss under the rain of a gloomy day
A heart with peace and love ,you fill.


Lines on my page

1- Moving with the breeze of love
Softly my waves cuddling you
Spreading lights offered by moon
Touching your heart with wonder’s glow..

2-Capturing the sight of rainbow ring
Colors melting in magic ling
Come travel on rays of lights
Drown your soul in that dreamy sight..

3-Hear that love song , getting rumbler
Wonders fill my inviting thighs
Passionnate I become when jalous wind
Blow and excite my wavy highs…

4- Trough darkness you slipped away to abscense
Through darkness i am waiting dawn to bring you back.


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