Poems by Ayub Khawar

Poems by Ayub Khawar


Love Is Like Water And Grain

O! Doe
The dweller of the desert of my soul,
Love is like water and grain,
It tempts hearts to cities, lanes and lawns,
Then to the patios where it grows,
Like the vein of rose blossoms,
On the tassel of desire,
And flows along the wind
Adorned the sphere with fragrance.

On the bank of river,
On edge of the desert,
In the heart of some oasis,
In some annoyed dream,
In the flickering of some path,
In the distance of some destination,
In some fresh rose of the morn,
In some melodic eve, standing desolate hut
Guarded by the smouldering noon,
Love may ensnare hearts, anywhere like hunts man

Love is like water and grain,
If it is writ in destiny,
It showers like rain upon each pore of the body,
It merges on the confidant surfaces
Of multi coloured flowers
It melts like pain and pangs
In each drop of blood
Smoulders like someone
In the dress of severance

O! Wild doe of the desert of my soul…my heart,
The sight is actually a begging bowl,
Keep the bowl in hands,
Wear shoes made of mud,
Put on strings of beads around your neck,
And adorn on lips the skills of (1)Ranjha.

O! My heart, come out of this wilderness,
For love is like water and grain.
O! Wild doe of the desert of my soul…my heart,
O! The devotee of love who knows,
Where from, at whose threshold,
By whose hands you may get alms of pain,
For love is like water and grain.

Ranjha is the main male character of a very famous romantic folk tale of 
Punjab, Pakistan.



Peace shatters in rags,
In the holy places of supplications,
In the mosques,
In the temples,
And in the shadows of the sacred bells of churches,
Peace shatters in rags,
On the roads,
In the congested streets of the bazaars,
In the class rooms, in parks and play-grounds of the schools,
In the shopping centers, in the crosses,
In the rallies and processions of protesters
Upraised world-wide for atrocities against peace and humanism
Peace, shatters in rags everyday,
It daubs itself with its own blood
And puts on the dust of graves.
Whether there ensues such a time,
As resident of the world will ever see redness,
In the petals of the roses, flourishing on soil of the earth,
O! the ruler of time,
Tell us,
Do you have such a moment in possession,
As it may infuse the light of peace and harmony, in the minds of those,
Who are bent upon to change this world,
Into a heap of ashes on the earth!
O! The ruler of Time,
Do you have such a moment in your fist?
As it devours trades of those kingdoms,
Who engaged many countries, to destroy the world?

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