Poems by Nasim Basiri

Poems by Nasim Basiri
Nasim Basiri is an Iranian poet and activist from Borazjan in the south of Iran. She currently lives in the United States where she works as a graduate teaching assistant and studies a PhD in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Oregon State University.
She’s a Dangerous Feminist
Dismiss her
Fail her
Hide her
Silence her
Suffocate her
She knows what we did to them
She knows all about their sufferings
She’s a dangerous feminist.
A Tsunami of Anger
rising waves of violence and indignation
moved us by great forces
to sail in an ocean of sorrow and despair
The sharp edges of our grief waves
will bloom one day
to cause a tsunami of anger
and write wondrous stories of liberation.
Throwing Up
she brings her sick body to the hospital
and throws up the school and a gloomy teacher buried under his pimping books
and throws up the philosophy of being
and throws up the philosophy of dying
dear doctors ! dear nurses !
there’s a medical need that needs to be addressed right now
She throws up things never written.

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