Poems by Dr. L. Sr Prasad

Poems by Dr. L. Sr Prasad



It is the dot you have hurled
It is the line that got curled
It is the word in this world 
It is a sentence we got furled

It is the season we lie low
It is the reason why we glow
It is the Nature makes the show
It is our nature follow it slow

Diurnal issues taught us patience
Biological clocks filled us essence
The phases of moon in our oceans
Tides n storms are regular passions

From infant’s cherubic innocence
To motherhood and senescence
Life’s odyssey faces death presence
Many times our boat hear its resonance

Over and all of the above is the desert
Of your promise and dry help concert
Your male chauvinistic offensive escort
Derailed my hopes and confidence cart

Many centuries we survived slavery
Many decades we fought with bravery
Many years we raised from ashes very,
Many moments of me too rang silvery.

We dream about a peaceful city
Where we all can live with dignity
Honor and mutual respectability
It is the future city of humanity

When you are low they are verily high
When they are high you are low is a sigh
It is not about horses n elephants neigh
It is about men n women to live in love as time goes by!

Copyright @dr. Lsr Prasad 23.10.2018


The knife in your index finger…

It cut me too deep when you threatened me with dire abandonment,
When i started crying you said ‘ishh’ emphatically in annoyment,
Keeping your index finger to your pursed lips firm to torment
Me and my hopes were crushed in the recesses of the futureless compartment!

How can you be so naive and cruel in your attitude with your born equal?
How can you ever think of maligning your own birthplace and try your cull?
How low you can go by distorting the nature’s laws to your convenient call?
How can you call yourself humanbeing after decimating the rights of your own pal

You created the language of convenience to translate your feelings in epics,
You carved the images of erotic sense to state your emotions in images and relics,
You fine tuned the music and tones to show up your libido in tones and lyrics,
You fire- scribbled many scriptures to subdue our dignity n managed with clerics!

Generations after generations your high handedness put chains on our grace,
When we say we have suffered, you try to conceal our tears in your talk brace!

Copyright@dr. Lsr prasad 22.10.2018



When a child is born, the Oubangui people plant a tree
When it flowers, the child is married; he or she grows with glee
After his death his soul lives in that tree happy and free;

From the Primitive milky Sea, emerged seven jewels, after churning,
One is the wish fulfilling tree- Kalpavriksha with roots of gold, Silver midriff, Lapis lazulli boughs, Coral leaves, Pearl flower, gemstone buds, diamond fruit.

When Andhaka demon spread darkness all over the world
Lord Siva and Parvati gave their daughter Aranyaki, the protector of forests
To Kalpavriksha, to bring up her with health, happiness, safety and wisdom

In the garden of Eden God planted among many trees, a tree of Life,
A forbidden tree with fruits of knowledge of good and evil to Adam and Eve;

Under the Norway Birch tree, light becomes shade
But under Yggdrasil tree, Axis Mundi, Odin gained wisdom in lieu of one eye

When the great peacemaker formed the Iroquois confederacy,
Inspired the warriors to bury their weapons under the white pine tree of Peace

Under the Banyan tree, grass doesn’t grow
But under Bodhi tree, Buddha got enlightenment and glow.

Under the Palmyra tree, milk looks like toddy
But under the China Bamboo tree, monks got Zen way and paddy

Under the Tamarind tree, the breeze sounds eerie
But under the Peepal or banyan tree sound sleep comes free

The Whispering Oak of Dodona, the sacred Sycamore groves,
Mandara, harichandana, parijata, samtanaka, kalpavriksha trees
a locus amoenus- a pleasure place for the tree nymphs

The Sal tree of Jina; An inverted tree of Bhagavad Gita, the song of God;
Another inverted in tree in our bodies to purify our breath and blood
The mysterious five world trees of Kabbalah, the trees of senses of Nassenes

The tree of Zaqqum of Hell, the Nariphon tree of Thailand
The human face fruit of Jinmenju tree that falls flat with human laugh
The Lotus tree of Greeks, The jubokko tree of Japan,

The sky-high trees of Hungary, the four hundred feet high Sequoia-Hyperion
A hundred meter high mountain ash tree, the broadest Montezuma cypress,
A five thousand years old Great Basin bristlecone pine tree in California

All these trees what do they tell? Without us you are void and null!
We are your food and shelter; O Modern man! So save us to save yourself!
Lest you will be a fossil and no more story or moral to tell!

Copyright@ Dr.Lsr Prasad 15-10-2017

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