THE ANTHEM OF VICTORY / Poem by Swapna Behera

Poem by Swapna Behera



Let the darkness tremble
For I am a warrior :
A candle to burn and to be born 
To edify the epitaph of Love
“Forgive them oh Lord!”

In a distant horizon
I scribble the mellifluous
language of peace
Blow the trumpet of humanity

I am a warrior with crown of flowers
The son of Nature with the shield of Sun
To wipe tears with wings of a dove
I am the melody of the perennial stream
Colours of rainbow ,paradise in hearts

I am the elements of celestial
Air , water ,sky ,fire and the Earth
My blood sings saga of immortality
My cells grow a new Earth

My voice echoes in Ether
Death !! Where is your sting?!
For I am a Phoenix
I am a warrior ,a healer
a killer of six enemies
Lust , Anger Greed ,Arrogance
Attachment and Jealousy

I am
The tattoo of sagacious passions
The consciousness ,
the melody of all Ragas and nine Rasas
I Am the verb – ENERGY ; not the Noun
The expression of the God self that rests inside me
I flow as water, blow as air grow as the Earth
Stand as a mountain ;spread as sky
Burn as fire ; me a warrior of all times

I AM the God within
So I sing and dance in my own aura
For I am a warrior : I am a warrior – – –

Copy right @Swapna Behera

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