TICKLE…. OPEN THE DOOR / Poem by Elizabeth Ongpauco

Poem by Elizabeth Ongpauco




You’re a million steps away from me now
You had full of alibis but never said goodbye
My heart tortured, battered and I am knackered
You dropped me like a hot potato with no single word
See my heart’s colour not tattletale gray but dark as a burning coal

On a cold day in hell, you said you’ll never leave me
Ahhh, espresso martini ! You did, indeed a drip coffee
Childish memories in a coffin , but no more we
You and me , no more in tandem harness, we’re through
No more pictures, no more daily phone calls

You may have whispered and bid “Adieu”
But , lo and behold here comes one who lovingly says , “Hello”
I see now a razzle-dazzle, jazzy coloured world
I, with him am starting to light the fire and play the tune anew
It’s my turn now! I smile and dare love

It ends in deadlock , I let you go
And to him, I open the door

Elizabeth Ongpauco 
All Rights Reserved 
© UK 01.10.2018

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