WHEN YOU COME / Poem by Rachid Karaahmed

Poem by Rachid Karaahmed


The dew drops early in the morning
and the birds grow their leaves 
and the leaves fall in the autumn
and the rain falls in the winter
and the craftsman comes
to the summer
when you come
you are the most
beautiful woman
in all its time
beautiful happiness
with respect
and love

2 thoughts on “WHEN YOU COME / Poem by Rachid Karaahmed

  1. Every woman is a queen
    If you know how to value her true value she will be treated like a king, love in heart, love in love, sweet love is nice, love is love, love is here, love is everywhere
    Power does not come from the personal capacity. It comes from an invincible will.
    Real strength is not in physical endurance. It comes from a strong personality.
    Hug with my warm kisses
    (C) Rachid Karaahmed

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