Poems by Yolanda Gonzalez

Poems by Yolanda Gonzalez



I could never forget,
suffered and cried
every moment
who remembered it
It was great torment;
little by little the distance
covered my soul with nostalgia

The discouraged heart
for that unexpected heartbreak;
threw his feeling into exile
plunged into deep delusion
Begging to end
That begging

That old love,
He stole my calm
took over my soul
it hurt so deep
The chest
your removal
took my feeling

We loved each other
so much!
every moment
We were looking for each other
He was my charm
past time,
you, you stayed
in my thought!

The moon, faithful witness
of that holistic
that separated
our way,
Everything is left
on the scroll
from my verse
and the holocaust
from my universe!



We will walk forever together
Uniting our worlds
because between you and me,
true love was born
the one we desire with fervor

This one feels like it beats
within me,
Born in the bottom of my being
every corner of my soul screams it;
wishing you with frenzy

Because you look
I’m filled with fantasy;
for you, I am the woman in love
who thinks of you, night and day
If you, I could go crazy!

You love me, more than your own life
you, are my sweet melody
the light in my thought,
We adore each other every moment!

Yes, always together!
sharing our universes;
walking in front of the dawn,
Sweet surprise
that fate had us ready!
floating in the air these verses
for you, my gentleman
giving you my true love!



You are the angel
that arrived
to heal
my loneliness
that grey afternoon,
filling my world
of happiness
giving me your slip

Now white moons
illuminate my nights
making love
great waste
because you, are my fortune!

My dream
come true,
my angel dressed in blue
now you are my truth;
love for me, is you

Quite a gentleman
Migrate lover!
This one wants
It’s amazing!
is love

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