My mother ‘s smile / Poem by Sehma Helaa

Poem by Sehma Helaa


My mother ‘s smile

Let your smile hold a lamp
craving for the light, mother
It is very dark in my soul camp
I need your smile once and forever

Let your smile teach me
the language of patience
So that my blind thought can see
Behind patience lies deliverance

Your smile is thy scythe
Treading generous fields
You pleaded for life, not death
what a future your smile builds!

with your smile, I wrapped my anxiety
when the road got a haze
I tried to fathom and see
Your silent instructions in each phrase

Like a warrior entering the fight,
your burden is heavy
with your smile you deemed it light
showing your children how devotion can be

No one has ever guessed
The plight of a lady fighter
Whose smile courageously deemed
The hurdles overcome with a smile bearer

@SIhem cherif ( May God bless the soul of my mother)الله يرحمك و ينعمك

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