Zainatul Shuhaida (Perak- Malaysia)

Zainatul Shuhaida (Perak- Malaysia)
Zainatul Shuhaida (Perak- Malaysia), Zainatul Shuhaida was born in August 7th, 1977, in the City of Taiping, Perak. Is the author of the following literary works:
(Script anthologies, 2010) Bisikan Malaya
(Script/director, 2004) Bangsawan Tun Teja.
(Script/director, 2005) Si Bongkok Tanjung Puteri.
(Script/director, 2006) Bangsawan Tun Kudu.
(Script/director, 2007) Lagenda Gunung Santubung.
(Script/director, 2008) Bangsawan Hikayat Selangor.
(Script/director, 2009) Jula Juli Bintang Tiga. Panggung
(Script/director, 2010) Bangsawan Sang Kelembai.
(Script/director/producer, 2010) Teater Alladin.
(Script/director, 2011) Lagenda Gua Puteri.
(Script/director, 2012) Teater Lagenda Bukit Jernih.
(Script/director, 2013) Batu belah batu bertangkup.
(Script/director, 2014) Teater Alang Buana.
(poetry, in anthologies, 1996) Harapan di Joyrampur
(poetry, in anthologies, 1999) Sebuah Hati di Chen Du
(poetry, in anthologies, 2005) Ratib 1000 Syair
Lyrics: Rabbani Album (1996, 1997, 1999)
Album Arah dari mana ke mana, Album Pergi tak kembali, Album Iqra 1421
Documentary TV station, “ kitchen Herbs”, Magazine: Herbs and Medicine 7 volumes, and Book publish “Health and Beauty from the Rainforest: Malaysian Traditions of Ramuan” (2009).
Author of a biography book “ Memoir Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Zain: Negarawan Lima Zaman”, (2005)
-Best Paper Award for paper entitled “Analysis of Contents on Youth Media Participation in
Marginalised Communities, Knowledge Management International Conference”,
Chiang Mai, Thailand, August 2016.
-Youth in marginalized communities: Participation through Web TV, Web Radio and Web Journalism. 83rd International Conference on Social Science and Humanities. October 2016, Moscow, Russia.
-Engaging youth in the decision-making process via new media: A case of rural and urban youth in marginalized communities in Malaysia. Knowledge Management International Conference (KMICe) 2016, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Award and Honors:
Hadiah Sastera Siswa Bank Rakyat: (Poetry, 1996). Malaysia
Hadiah Sastera Tunas Cipta: (Script,1999). Malaysia
Hadiah Sastera Islam: (Script, 2000). Malaysia
Hadiah Sastera Perdana Malaysia: (Script, 2002). Malaysia
Hadiah Sastera drama Kanak-kanak: Sewang Naga Nuri (Script, 2010). Malaysia
The Malaysia Book of Records (2001). 24 hours of reading poetry together in Malaysia.
The Malaysia Book of records (2010). Poetry of the longest dialects in Malaysia.
Poems by Zainatul Shuhaida
Love overly slept
Voices like glassy beam
Chamber that’s parched
Wetted by tears
Ornamental façade
Flowers scattered
Murky when wretched
Endless recollection of wounds
Thunders of pain
Prostrate beneath open sky
Lush the jungle of bamboos
Wet by the flowing river
Past the oppressing drought
Purified at the break of dawn
Stopping and entombed ardor
Realizing from daydream
Dreary light changes
Shining light replaces
On this barren bed
Not big enough
Clearly stood raking humans
Empty sweetness
Depriving the differences
Then picking garbage of scholar notes
With an empty degree’s certificate
Night laughs till dawns asunder
Spreading seeds on bedspread
Relished by
Shameless flutters
Thereafter just thankful by its residues
Not yet knowing the phantasm of manure
Not yet coming up against a brick wall
Far from being delighted when comfortable
More sleepwalking than vigilance
Till the bright of day descends into darkness
Silence stimulates
Till the moments of falling and being crushed
Thereafter quiet
Whilst self-questioning
Why abed of this bed negligence is born?
Thinking outside womb
Thought recalling birth
Thought about life
Turned insubordinate to destiny
Then conceiving more lessons
Thitherto pregnant with puzzlements
Thus responding to the calls of intent
Taming motives till grassed
Turning self into disappearance
To carve difficulties when easy
To shut the light of day
To steal the stars in in the heart
Trampling sins bit by bit
To be colored by holy guerdons
Who’s grateful?



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