Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar
Today is truth to triumverate!
no more yester years,
the change subdued
we are the change
as of now as imperfect
as precisive to tune time.
a new order yet to fructify
very matrix still enigmatic
evolved out of uncertainties
by reasons to reason out
another perspective
Yet inevitable to embrace.
attuned audacity of challenges
like quarantined of being inflicted
by need and necessities
to fit into preferred lock and key
as precisive by constellation of influences,
internal and external as well.
flexibility is art of change of universe,
as dynamics is fulcrum
to balance equilibrium
as ordained by law of assonance
for perfection of continuity
to pivot upon priorities.
Time is timeless within spaceless space,
as night is no night to redefine
with no curve of crave
to reach out into bough of void
yet lost into deep darkness
to resolve light of glory.
blaze leaps up to resurrect quest,
eyes of green stumble upon stillness
for dream to unleash spark of quench
as revered to luminescence of sprinkling stars
and barren of green peeks to grasp spark in dew.
Humanity happens to happen,
and reasons to reason out
by bliss of heaven,
like an eternal stream to flow
onto eternity,
as virtue reaches out
quantum leap as safe guard,
in our time and space
as we are just an unique phenomenon
of unstinting glory of creation,
like ephemeral blossom of beauty
to disown within mortal frame
as decisive imperfection
encompassing cyclic symmetry
of organic embodiment.
no scare of dreads to stall
halo arc of universe to bough in void,
like fossils of eons and eras
age cambria shore and beyond.
neither war nor disease ever
rubbles earth to ashes.
clarity of crystals dazzles to glow
when revered by law of attraction
very strong hold light of blue divine.
as constellation of divine love
for mankind to uphold.
we need courage and fortitude
to walk through under unity
of world umbrella,
with no distinctive implicits
of cast, creed, race and religion
like mellow breeze of earth
to reel through emptiness beneath sky.
Alley in between
flank of walls
alchemy furloughs
bondage covalent.
yet healing love
like subtle breeze empowers
to ramp over
chasm asymmetric.
instinct allays
to subdue distinction
contour redeems
as we are love of God.
As nothing to grasp
yet in void of deep abundance in earth,
emptiness is rigid curve
of quantum zero to sum in math.
and no need to know haloness wrapped in petals of rose to entice beauty of fragrance,
yet no pattern to embrace by senseless wings of its color red or blue otherwise.
Yet arc of creation to redesign in cusp of newness
as mellow green susurrates rays of light to array onto contour less cosmos
for symmetry to sail through buoyancy of universe.

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