Poems by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole

Poems by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole
For many years we have been singing a prayerful song
Of annexing strength in us with hope to prolong
However, we now have the ditties of sorrowful tone
Of commemorating our brothers and sisters who are gone.
Everything around us is griefful and our hope is crumbling
Every news is sad breaking news and our life is whinging
Thousands of people so far are joining the choir invisible
And the economy of the world is now so unstable.
No prediction in this time when will our things back on normal?
Yes, no prediction, when will this problem back on uninfluential?
Millions of schools around the world have been closed
And the percentage of layoffs are so far increased.
Let us greatly set our genuine prayers to Heavenly Father
For asking the powerful help of obliterating strange darkness
Let our faith to embrace a holiness of Heavenly Father
In order to heal the world with his gorgeous mercifulness.
We are one, one as unification
Let’s glue our ears on health belfry
Keep hearing the ringbell of well-being
Full of admonitory measures against lethal virus
And let’s rebuff to hear a lying tongue of politics
In goodness, we will win together.
Be a wise voter!!
Cast your eyes in action of parties
Leaders of parties not politicians parties
Send your mind in psyched leadership
Leaders, affability while politicians, foeship
Give your love in power of appeasement
True leaders of care not politicians of conforntment
Use your ears to hear the welfaring manifestos
From leaders of no casino, not politicians tattoos
Sell your vote to the country parties
Organized by leaders parties not by political parties.
Sometimes, leaders parties win
And unfortunately, political parties lose.
Be a wise voter!!
George Floyd is gone
Gone because he won
His life sacrificed for nothing
While he cried for everything
Sir, I can’t breath
Again and again he shouted
The policeman kneeling on his neck
Laughed while others watched.
Begging for his mercy behind his back
I can’t breath, I can’t breath
Little by little he lost his oxygen
The body parts slumbered
He cried for help
Nobody cared
Because he is black
Men am dying
And a mockery on him they made
Black child wake up!
There is nobody to hold your hand
If Floyd was white
Would this death be actualized
If Floyd was white
Would he suffocate in the hands of the law
Black child wake up!
We are in danger
But don’t revenge anger
Justice is needed
These perpetrators weeded
Black child wake up!
On your feet stand!
Cry out for peace
And cry for God’s Grace
Violence won’t pay back
Black child wake up!
I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe
Asphyxiation has truly taken his life,
Because of purest injustice of others.
Being a black is crime in America
Visible byspel is from George Floyd
He is gone painfully,in hands of cruelty.
I can’t breathe as his last words
Spirit of his fullest spirit cried
Pitilessness of cop’s pitilessness guffawed.
From us, we would never revenge
But innocent soul will strongly challenge
God will certainly fight for him.
Have a gorgeous spirit of deeming of share
In all gigantesque corners of Lovable care
Evincing all peerless blissfulness from above
With the conquerable strengthfulness of love
The conquerable strength of love is true power
Every its task gleams heavenly visionary hour
Opening a deeply virgin path of breakthrough
Winning all mature successes, quelling rough
Love always be a winner in every spiritual war
Demolishing a profitless soul with placid pillar
Recreating a blissful living so sanctimonious
And gleaming all people’s life so beauteous
Let our dreams grow in strengthfulness of love
Energizing them with a greatly positive mind
Beaming them a righteous power from above
Nullifying all cells of purest negativity of mind
Love displays a pristine witnesses of freedom
Always protecting us from spirited thralldom
Preaching us a virgin words fro heavenly grace
Lifting our weak life into strong self-confidence
Let us stand and sleep in love so peacefully
Listening all heavenly profitable sounding
Of veridical conquerableness, everlastingly
And enrapturing a heavenly grace of blessing.

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