Poems by Alby Raymond Parackal

Poems by Alby Raymond Parackal



O’ Light, lit in me through breath,
Obviously be love born out in heath;
Over and above dust, meander in earth,
Owing beauty all mingled in mystic myth!

Outclassed life earthly in succoth,
Originated in unknown heart’s by path;
Original Will omnipotent presumed truth,
Ostensibly traverse in length and breadth!

Ordinary life of people in vermouth,
Orbiting around human strife in depth;
Opulence negates humanely shibboleth,
Oracle of experience in existence be oath!



Prime of life is yet to come,
Private thoughts have gone;
Proceeding forward in time,
Pending love in heart all true!

Periphery of lifestyles mere,
Preference of dreams nurse;
Perfectionist mind’s nurture,
Postures men set as posture!

Pastures human souls thrive,
Place his augend be humane;
Pleasing Will of Might nature,
Pretty targeted in breath sure!



Quill of Will in love breath,
Quite lovely to me in earth;
Quiet does it flow in heath,
Quietly spirits His wealth!

Quiver of hearts forthwith,
Quibble in trifling warmth;
Quibbling mind be smooth,
Quick to quit, as kashruth!

Quintet music made routh,
Quote human values math;
Quickening humane in path,
Quintessential soulful soth!


Environmental impact from good old days,
Entered in both body and mind many ways;
Early childhood, in Alangad farmhouse fays,
Everywhere be green trees and leaves always!

Each remains under the mango tree arrays,
Ever be there on northern river banks flays;
Entire sandwich of golden sandy banks bays,
Ever glitter traffic slowly other side river lays!

Entity of farm gone out in small plots frays,
Entirely filled with concrete structure slays;
Even the river bank vanished as waters bys,
Eyes find heart’s groan after years goodbyes!

Entreating river visible all over heath todays,
Earthly lives fails for regrowth any anyways;
Emergent environment warrant in these days,
Environmental Day be an eye opener in prays!

©®Alby Raymond Parackal

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