Poems by Mohammad Mohi Uddin

Poems by Mohammad Mohi Uddin
A Manifesto of a Bard
Let the birds soar in the sky,
Let the grey clouds float in the high.
There is nothing called war-plane,
Let the bluest space trust this claim.
Let the grains smile in Africa’s ground,
Let whole Europe water on it with a cordial sound.
There is nothing called hunger,
Let the black desert believe in the gyre.
Let all boundaries bend down towards faces,
Let them be crashed at feets not on human heads.
There is nothing called Nationalism,
Let the earth relay on this optimism.
Let the collective dreams be a single essence,
Let all die as the ants to be an associated passage.
There is nothing called detachment,
Let Bruegel’s Icarus conceive with contentment.
I had no knowledge about Revolution
Even I didn’t recognise at all
If it were a lesson of primary syllabus
I could surely memorize.
Is Revolution an Elemental Metal?
How True Table is proved in a laboratory.
I’ve known myself
I’ve learnt life
Spoiling the golden chapters!
Now, I am a rebel against myself
I am a rebel against ownself.
I’ll be Sold
I’ll be sold, you can purchase me
At any price.
For a bigha of land?
Solely for a cup of tea.
Can make me an arranged witness
And a one eyed Hakim in the Court
Bless me, Leader, I can operate anything.
Sometimes become a hired slayer
Seize other’s accessories with force
Be the hero of a naked scene.
Can buy even my merit; if you desire, I compose
Pretending as a historian, a long hymn to you.
And can enslave me at low price at a glance
Don’t search me-
At college campus
At playground
At romance
Or at National Avenue
Trace me in the flock of the sold commodities.

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