Be the way you should be!! / Peom by Mahmoud Said Kawash

Peom by Mahmoud Said Kawash
Be the way you should be!!
Be the way you should be!!
Be you, only you!!
Don’t ponder or stare at grim faces
Beware of being left to the malevolent hearts
Or seeking wilted roses and flowers
Beware not to turn your face to the left side
So as not to be sad and depressed
And not to feel despair and despondency
Who knows, you may reach the limit of refraction
And feel hopelessness and collapse
Turn right to see beautiful, welcoming and smiling faces
And meet bright, innocent and pure white hearts
He who holds ‘The book’ with his right hand is satisfied with his life
He who holds it with his left hand would have wished it were fatal
Try to taste every feeling you encounter
Sweet, bitter or even gall
Because you know that there are various races in the world
And different colours and varieties
Sometimes weird and uncomfortable
Try and try
Try and don’t hesitate
Try and don’t regret
Try to realize the type and shape of this colour
Try to perceive the meaning and effect of that taste
Endure the pricking of thorns that you may trample one day
Be patient and agonized
No matter how enlarged and magnified
Perhaps this is a scourge for you from the ‘Lord of the World’
Don’t be disheartened
Never be desperate of the mercy of God, Almighty
Whenever God loves someone, He examines their patience
He, only He, is thanked for affliction
Don’t ever be sad or depressed
Some people have spent half of their life in grief and despair
For too many reasons
Some logical, others illogical
Some objective, others not objective
Some justified, others unjustified
Due to the loss of a lover or a dear friend
The loss of a dream or an illusion
And now they are nothing
Nothing at all
They dwell in a bleak room
They are neither satisfied nor convinced of anything
Do we remember them,
Or mention their names in an occasion or without?
Do we know anything about them?
No, no, no!!
Did they benefit from all of that!?
Did they reap anything from being isolated?!
Certainly not, neither
And a thousand no
How beautiful is it to look like the sun shining among people
Others seek light, warmth and tenderness from you
They remember you if you’re absent and only mention you with good
They enjoy your presence, the sweetness of your tongue and your manners
They yearn for the warmth of your existence, tenderness and feel reassured
How beautiful is to look like a flower
That people strive to be adorned by
To be perfumed by its scent
To enjoy hugging and embracing it
How beautiful is to look like an opened book
Readers seek your friendship, sitting and talking with you
Scoop out your beautiful and useful words and letters
Get fruitful, valuable and abundant lessons and expressions
Life is full of excavations, watch out and be careful not to fall into the evil of one of them
It is full of traps, be careful not to get caught in one of them
It is full of rocks, be careful not to stumble with one of them
And don’t forget to put them together to make a ladder for success
You climb on it and ascend to glory and eternity
Be the way you should be
Be you, only you!!
Congratulations for yourself and to others!!
Be the way you should be!!
Be you, only you.

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