Poems by Sadiqullah Khan

Poems by Sadiqullah Khan



Somewhere, – probably nowhere –
Geography matters least
But the water he carries show that
Water is dear. Desert probably –
Some picture of poverty
A certain longing indeed to be poor
Wear that character –
Or the holiest of the holy
Would not have said, ‘God,
Make me poor, make me utterly poor,
Make me resurrect with the poor’
Is the prayer, – they carry eloquence
Beheld through centuries
And while they gaze the future
It is mirage of far oasis
In present they stand on burning sand
There is something immensely
Likeable in this child of poverty
Who hails from everywhere
Perhaps from earth from skies sheltered.


Tipu Sultan

A lion’s day is better than hundred
Days of jackal – thousand or more
Said Tipu who called it a day
The days had already gone
But the brave sultan laid to rest
Gave fight – of lost empire –
Mourned today and by child and
Woman. Could have been lived –
Better died best, – in haute-blood
Than see the doom descend before
Wide eye or been reduced titular thus.

Sadiqullah Khan

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